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Suspension Going Away Party!!

It was the end of January 2002, and I had been planning to leave Montreal for awhile, to go work at a shop in Hawaii. So, I thought I would get together with my coolest friends one last time and do yet again... another suspension. I also took this as an opportunity to help my friend Chris who owns Steelwerks to get some pictures for his new SteelwerksExtreme website, since he had made all my hooks and all my jewelry, I figured it was the least I could do for him. So shamingly enough I used myself as a human billboard, and dermal graphed the Steelwerks logo onto my ribs. (You can see a couple of those pictures on the SteelwerksExtreme website in the suspension hooks section).

I had set up the rig the night before in preparation for the evening. Everyone showed up in my apartment around 9pm, just a dozen people or so. We were drinking a few beers and hanging out while a couple of my friends were marking my back to see where we would place the hooks. I knew the piercing part of the evening was going to be hilarious, because there were no real piercers there apart from myself. So I decided to make the piercings a group effort. Chris had helped me with past suspensions, and Jerome was taking pictures. I had decided on a 16 hook configuration, 8 in the back, 2 in each thigh, 1 in each calf and 1 in each arm. The hooks in my back were 8 gauge, and the rest of them were 10 gauge. The piercing part actually went really smooth considering the lack of experience, and only took 15 minutes or so.

The hardest part of it all, was hooking me up to the bar, since all I had was a bar that was 2 feet long with 8 eyelets in it for a 16 point suspension. That pretty much made adjusting the tension all over my body pretty much impossible. But all in all, I found it very comfortable but a little tippy, so after about half hour of screwing around with those damn ropes, we got me off the ground. Thank God Chris was there! It was my first superman suspension, I had done many before, suicides, chest.... I couldn't believe how good it felt. You could barely feel the tension, it was by far the easiest suspension I have ever done.

About 10-15 minutes into the suspension, someone knocked on the door. Someone opened the door, thinking it could have been another one of my friends running a bit late. It happened to be my neighbor, whom I am not on particularly good terms with, for a several reasons. Mostly because of his obvious heavy drug use, and would constantly come knocking and yelling at me because he was convinced that I was talking to him through the walls. So when my friend opened the door, my neighbor burst in, and since I live in a loft, he immediately saw me hanging. His eyes popped open the size of a two dollar coin, not a peep out of him, turned around and left. Don't get me wrong, he gave me a good tongue lashing on a later date.

Everything was great,but the way we had looped the rope onto the hook on my right elbow, made the hook twist around 180 degrees. Funny enough, my hand started to go numb after twenty minutes or so.I didn't let it get to me at the moment. I thought it was really nice to be sharing this experience with all my dearest friends. Everyone helped out in their own way. Mike and Pat were on rope detail, my girlfriend Amy was making sure my apartment wasn't becoming a red zone. A few of my friends that were there brought their girlfriends, who had never witnessed a suspension before. They tell me afterwards that before coming to my place, they were afraid of what they were going to see, but then they told me they found it a very beautiful experience for them.

They continiued to swing me around, we had a blast, and after thirty five minutes or so, I asked them to come down, because I couldn't feel my entire arm, and was no longer able to move my fingers. I was pretty peeved about having to come down. I got over it pretty quick, knowing I would be going back up soon again. I really felt I was able to get a lot out of my first superman suspension. I can't wait to be doing suspensions in the beautiful jungles of Hawaii. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and that last get together with my friends before I left. Something I will never forget. But, I dont suggest anyone to have a bunch of people who don't exactly know what they are doing to pierce you, the only reason I did, is because I felt I could guide them accurately enough and I wanted to share this experience with them, and make them a part of it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 April 2002
in Ritual

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Artist: Ben
Studio: my+loft
Location: montreal

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