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This is the story about how i had my lips sewn shut about 6 months ago. This story is a little fragmented but in general it is pretty complete.

I had my facial lips sewn shut by my girl friend about 6 months ago. She got the idea after seeing an article about exteme piercings from her friends tattoo magazines, I wasnt to sure about it but I decided to go along with the idea. After some debate we decided to buy a sewing needle. I just went to a crafts type of store and purcashed a large sewing needle ... the needle was 2 inches or so and was looked like it was something around 16 gauge. Along with the needle there was a thin black twine to thread through with. I cleaned my mouth out really well before and my girlfriend disinfected the needle.

I decided that I wanted to have it done while I was sitting down in my comfy chair, just incase I would faint or whatnot. My Girl friend and I also had a few friends who were over to hang out and watch. With much anticipation ha ha ha she started with the needle. She went with the needle from the right bottom up through to the right upper lip and by the time the needle came through the right upper lip I had this searing pain coming from my lip through the right side of my face that almost made around my lip feel numb.

We then continued and by the time it was half done the searing kind of pain faded a little bit and then on came the more direct type of pain, it was much sharper feeling than I had expected and the pain was very concentrated on where the needle went through and just the lips in general. It had also bled a bit but it was easily controled with a tissue and a little bit of water.

She finished completely, sniped the needle from the twine and it was left in threaded together for a half hour or so.It was possible to leave it in that long ( half an hour ) because my lips were not threaded very very tightly together. She did leave a bit of length of the twine in between each hole so i could move my lips if i wanted to and so i could pronunciate sounds but, i did not dare to even try to move my lips at all, the pain was already very prominant and i dont want to think how much it would of hurt to try to talk or move my lips!

None the less, I did leave it in for a half an hour . It was removed by snipping the twine in between my lips and then just removing the twine from my lips. I washed out my mouth again and disinfected the holes around my lips.

After care was just keeping it extra clean and occasionaly using a bit of dilluted tea tree oil. Beyond that I also smoked a huge amount of pot. Before I smoked I made sure the holes where closed up over first. Im not a big stoner or anything like that but the type of pain relief I had with it was just amazing. And also when the holes had healed up a bit i started using some pure vitamin e oil on them.

Im not really sure how long it exactly took to heal up all the way .... I know its all done right now though,now after 6 or so months there are some little pinkish dots where the holes were but i am continuing to use the vit. e oil on them, which is good for scars. My girl friend's other friend did one loop through her lips recently and expressed to me that the pain she had was much worse than what I had expressed to her about mine. I also want to be clear, this hurt realllly bad and continued to hurt days after. It does heal( at least for me ) but ( at least for me ) if i am to be going through all that pain i would like a cool piercing or a tattoo to show for it after. It was certainly an crazy expierience but really intense also. So to anyone interested in doing something like this .... be sure you really want it !! ! One thing I do look back and think it would of been nice to have is a picture of it, we had planned on taking one and had the camera right there when we were doing it ... but I guess everyone had gotten so caught up in all that was going on and forgot about it.

And of course...if you are to do any self or non-professional piercings be sure to use caution... know what your doing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 March 2002
in Ritual

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