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How I became part of TSD

By request a long time ago by glam*rockstar the epic saga of a lone yankee in Dallas looking for friends and finding TSD. Sept 14th '96, I moved to Dallas from Milwaukee WI to attend the Art institute of Dallas to learn computer animation. Amazed at how many piercing shops there were in this city I started to tour them looking for part time work or even apprentice-ship as a piercer. After a two hour bus ride I got to Obscurities one afternoon to get my tongue gauged up (now at a 6G) I was just hanging out talking with the guys that work there Allen Falkner, and Oliver Gilson. They started talking about an upcoming "private" suspension. I had seen pictures and read about it while doing research on piercing stuff in Milwaukee. So anyways... I end up stuck there because the busses stop running really early, and I was having fun talking piercing stuff with the boys for a few hours. (Both of whom are still very near and dear friends I am happy to say.)

You have to understand, that when I got here I had a couple books a bed and a cat.
That was it, no friends yet. I met these guys the first week I lived here. I don't know how it happened it just seemed natural how I fell in with everyone. TSD has been my link to meeting some of the most fascinating people in the world. Ha!

.. any way, I'm stuck at the shop no bus or cash for a pricey cab ride. Oliver says he can get me a ride home when he closes the shop. Mike Rose shows up a few hours later. Mike mentioned they were gonna go play pool, I love pool. So I beg and plead with them to show me a Dallas pool hall. So for the sake of brevity, I will just say that by the end of the night I got invited to the suspension and kicked both of their asses shamelessly at pool. It was the first night I got to really go out in Dallas and it was really fun.

One week later, OH MY GOD, Sunday... gay pride parade right in front of Obscurities. Wholly fuckin crap, drag queens and boys in bikinis and large hairy men in cowboy hats and thongs as far as the eye could see. It was nuts, nothing like I had ever seen. I got out of the cab in the middle of this to meet prior to the suspension. I met Mark Rose who was going to be doing his first suspension for his 22nd birthday. I was so anxious to witness this, I also was introduced to Delaney Ramsey... who was to perform his 2nd suspension that evening. We waited around for the shop to close early. We all talked shop and about the suspensions that evening.

Allen totally fucked up one of the piercings on D. It was ok and usable but it just hurt him a good bit. The rest of the piercings went pretty well... I was interested to see his method of inserting the hooks... he is a great piercer. D went up first and took it like a pro... it was impressive as hell. Mark on the other hand... turned green and got nauseous. He kept touching the file cabinet he was standing on with his toes before Allen finally had to take it from him. He looked like he could have snatched it back with his toes, he was wound up pretty tight.He hung for a while, I say it was a successful suspension.

I worked with them on a few shows here and there while I was going to the art institute, helped design business cards, doing some ads and fliers, payin my dues, until I eventually got to do my first suspension. I did a private 12 hook superman style suspension almost a year later. It went very well, I was telling jokes and flying on the rush of adrenaline, it was cool. I took to it very well. Then a 8 hook superman for a show. I had a threesome that night with two lovely ladies, that made me feel like a rock star. My next suspension came shortly after graduation from the institute and a horrible case of the chicken pox. That was a 4 hook suicide suspension from a spinning beam with Pat Tidwell on the other side. We each picked up two people at the same time... I had already picked up my future ex girlfriend Ivy and then Allen jumped up on me when I wasn't looking... that was tough but cool. It totally bent the 9 gaug e hooks we were using, I still have one of them.

Anyway... I've done a lot of suspensions now I'm not going to discuss them all just yet, you'll have to buy the book. Suspension has changed my life, I just fell into it because it was ment to be. I chanced upon the right people at the right time, dumb luck I guess. I never would have thought I would even want to try it 5 years ago. Life can be funny like that.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 March 2002
in Ritual

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