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We do pulls in England as well.

A little bit about myself first, I am a a mere 19 years old and have been intrested in body modification as long as i can rember. I was first introduced to ritual piercings and the like by a friend that used to hang out in the studio where i now work. We went into the cafe primarily to escape the cold british winter. There was a T.V set in the corner of the room and so we where instantly drawn to see what was on it, It looked like a man on a step ladder not that exciting but wait whats going on he just steeped off the ladder and is floating in mid air. Obviously he wasn't really but was in actual fact suspending, It was amazing to watch I sat thier glued to the screen mesmerized. So my foray into rituals began there.

So anyhow this is the story of a pull, but not just any old pull, a pull in England, now sure that doesn't mean that much but whenever I look through the experience lists so many of them are American and so few from England so my motavation for writing this is to encourage others to share their expreinces.

This was the second pull I have participated in the first being of a slightly milder nature. I was much less nervous this time than i have been for any of my piercings or tattoos, unlike the first energy pull i participated in, I was nervous for about 3 days prior to the pull. Anyway the pull took place after work one evening so we closed and cleared everything away, chilled out for a while, made up some cords to connect the hooks together these would then be connected to seperate people via a caribiner. We then kicked back and relaxed talking about various things that i don't rember while we waited for the rest of the guys to arrive. There was 5 people participating in total. Eventually after about an hour of waiting everyone turned up and we got on with it.

The pull was to be done from the back this time, my first was from my chest, as we could put more power into it. I was pierced first which wasn't to bad, i found it more painfull than the chest but there we go. I toddled off and had a ciggerette while trying to find way of staying warm in the cold with no to on. One of my hooks had to be repierced as the piercing was to long and the flesh was bunched up in the base of the hook, this was done and was fine the second time round. We where pulling from 2 2.4mm or 10g? each incase you are intrested.

When we where all pierced we took a few minutes trying to warm up a bit and the started to pull off each other. This was when I suddenly felt really lightheaded then realised that i hadn't eaten anything for a long while, i had a glass of water and some chocolate, then sat and chilled for a while, took some pictures of the other guys. Then decied that i was going to get back into it, I linked up with Paul and started easing myself back into it. After 2 or 3 minutes we where engaged in a very aggresive pull, I was pretty much on my hands and knees clawing across the floor and Paul was holding the unit in front of him. After a few atempts we realised that we wheren't going to get anywhere fast so we had a bit of a team effort and me and Alex linked up to pull off Paul and Lee. We where fairly evenly matched until Alex decied to trip me up,(his supposed teammate). This caused us to go flying backwards. After a bit more of the same we decied to stop for the day we went and remov ed the hooks and cleaned up. Then just sat about the looks on everyones faces said it all smiles everywhere, we where all high on adrenlin.

The bus ride home that night was not the most comfortable as my back was fairly tender by then but it didn't matter i was still on cloud 9. When I got home I was unable to sleep as I was still buzzing from the experience, That night i managed about 4 or 5 hours of sleep which is very litle for me, yet when I woke up i was still feeling high from the night before so wasn't tired at all.

The crispies under my skin where there for a few days as was the tenderness and some mild bruising but now it is all healed up i am ready to suspend. That is something i really can't wait for.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Jan. 2002
in Ritual

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