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My Suspension (4 point "Suicide")

"ARE YOU FUCKIN' NUTS?!" is a term I'm starting to get very used to since 12/10/01. Let me start from the beginning for ya.

It was a day like any other, I just got off work and headed down to the studio to see what Kevin and Scott we up to and possibly get a new piercing. When I got there I got the same greeting I get every time I stop by, one of acceptance, and friendship. The day was kinda slow so Scott and I went out to have a smoke and get some coffee.

When we got back (about 5-10 min latter) Kevin had a few piercings lined up so he split em with Scott. So I just chilled talkin with some of the people who were in to get piercings, and the other workers. After Kevin was done with his piercings we got to talkin about a suspension they were going to help out with on the coming Monday (the shop is closed on Mondays). If you would have even mentioned the idea of me hanging from hooks a year ago, I would have told you you're outta you're fuckin mind. Yet ever since I saw some people doing pullings, and suspensions at Addictive Desires in September I was all excited to watch another (little did I know id soon get an invite to suspend myself).

We didn't talk much more about it for the remainder of the day, all that was mentioned is there was going to be a few guys gettin together to suspend at the warehouse on the 10th and I was invited if I wanted to go. Well after the shop closed we all wend over to a local establishment for a few drinks (Gotta wind down ya know). Some how we got back on the topic of the coming event, and I mentioned that I wouldn't mind trying a pulling out first. Well much to my surprise they told me that if I were up to it I could do a suspension Monday. Well I don't have to tell you what I said "HELL YA!" Now I was starting to get excited, and I still had 1/2 a week to prepare for it.

How does one prepare to hang from hooks? Kevin let me know what to expect from it and how to prepare my body for the event. Eat a lot of pasta, drink madd water, and no alcohol the day before. Everything went good with the eating and drinking of water (I think that's all I had for the week) I ate just about every pasta dish I could think of and of course nothing but water to drink.

I was telling everyone I knew about it. Almost everyone told me I was nuts, but a few we a little interested in the idea. All week that's all I could think of, so of course I hoped on the net and found everything I could on the subject (gotta know what you're gettin in to after all).

Finally it was Monday WOO HOO! I woke up did my normal morning things, and got ready to go out for the day. I was heading over by the warehouse (I had a few things to do on that side of town) so I stopped by to see if anyone was there or not. As I pulled up Kevin and Scott were just gettin done putting everything together for 6:00 p.m. I ran in to see if they needed a hand with anything, of course I helped set a few things up. Then Scott ran over to the shop to get the autoclave, and other sterilization equipment (hey if your going to do it do it right).

We got everything set up, got the rig set, table to get pierced on, sterile area to clean everything. It was just a matter of time now. After getting things ready for the big night we all headed out to grab some food (again I just had pasta and water). We sat and talked about what to expect, and how it's not a tuff man contest. They wanted to reassure me that even if I didn't do it they would not think any different of me. We also talked about what could go wrong.... This stared to get me a little nevus, but I wasn't going to back down not now. They let me know what to do if any of the other guys (or myself) pass out or any thing like that.

Its show time... its time to hang ourselves. 6:00 everyone started to show up at the warehouse for the show. After getting things cleaned up and sterilized, we decided who was going first and what kind of suspensions everyone was going to do. There were five of us going up two horizontals and three verticals.

The first guy to go up did a horizontal. Everyone crowded around him as he was getting pierced (pierced with 10g needle and stretched up to 8g hooks). He was lookin good till they got to the calf piercings, the look on his face was almost enough to make me back out (but I didn't). He was up for a fair amount of time (I'm a bad judge of time). Everyone was taking pictured and recording his suspension, I think I used up most of my roll of film on him alone. After he came down we got things ready for the next person, clean everything and all that good stuff.

I was the last one to go up, there was no more waiting. As Kevin and Scott got everything ready for my turn I started to get myself ready for it (sit down and chill, smoke a cigarette, and just focus). My time is up everything is ready and everyone is waiting to see me go up. Off went the shirt and I laid face down on the table. This is the part where things get real quiet, time to get pierced. Kevin and Scott both were doing the piercing at the same time, one on the left and one on the right (so you only feel it twice instead of felling all four hooks go in). The piercing wasn't as bad as I thought I would be, I guess drinking all that water paid off. Once I had the hooks set in my back I had to get up and walk to the rig and get hooked up to it. That was such a weird feeling, I could feel every movement the hooks would make, it felt kinda cool. After getting the hooks attached to the rig Scott started to tell me what was going to happen, and Kevin started to crank me up. M y back started to burn as the skin was reaching it stretch limit, the burning was not a painful burning more of a tingling feeling like when I up gauge my lobes. After my skin hit its limit I could feel myself starting to come off the ground. I was starting to stand on my toes, not wanting to let them leave the ground. But lets face it you have no choice but to go up when a three-ton wench is cranking you up. Before my toes were lifted off the ground I just said fuck it to myself and lifted my legs off of the ground. MAN what a feeling! There is nothing that can compare to a suspension.

To me doing this was an empowering experience, it taught me that I can over come any situation I am faced with after all if I can hang myself from four 8g hook I can do anything.


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on: 23 Jan. 2002
in Ritual

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Artist: Kevin+and+Scott
Studio: Body+Rites
Location: Columbia%2C+SC

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