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Infinite wisdom and compassion of humans

This is basically about the sense of family I have found here on BME, I'm new to the computer world and was really happy to find such a great place to come and chat with such great people that I felt the need to write down why I feel this way. I hope to have a scanner soon so later one I'll send in some pictures of myself but for now all I can offer is why I think BME is such a great place. People do a lot of things to make them stand out from the heard. Piercing, tattoos, brandings, hair, clothes, make up the list goes on and on but how different are we all really? How hard is it to be like everybody else? Sometimes I find myself wondering what makes all so different but all so much a like. Is it human nature to seek out others with like ideas and minds? I see BME people come together to celebrate their differences but sometimes they all seem so similar it blends together like paint in the rain. Are we so different from devoutly religious people that pray together? How hard is it to switch from coveting new tattoos to coveting the love of an unseen god? I have so many questions about this unity of people I find it strange that humans cling together even when they claim to be so unique and individual. I could see myself in a different life doing different more "normal" things but still having the same basic thoughts. Would it be that hard to transfer my love of bright hair dye to a love of say bright coloured sari's if I was a Hindu? Or my love of tattoos to a love of intricate stained glass in a church? It seems to me that every human has a lot of the same characteristics but we apply them to ourselves in unique ways, maybe that's what makes us who we are our interpretation of the world. You know the I say a cloud is blue you say white but who the hell told us it should be called that anyways idea. Sometimes I wonder actually I wonder a lot about things like this my life would have been easier if I had been what everybody else wanted me to be, gave in and done what all the other girls liked to do, I choose the hard route in life but in the end I am happy with it. I remember clearly in grade eight I was the only girl who didn't tease their hair I had it long and straight and died it purple I was ridiculed, I had no friends from grade 4 to eight the teachers felt sorry for me but always told me maybe if I was more like the other kids it would be better for everyone. Through those lonely years I spent a lot of time reading and learning, I also started to get a better understanding on human nature I saw what ignorant people do when they feel threatened, what rich people do to poor people I think in those few years of my youth I saw all the evil traits of humans played out on a school yard black top . As I got older I went to high school where I was told that things would change I would find friends and be more "normal". What a lie. My photo for the year book wasn't allowed to be published in grade nine, girls with neon orange spiked hair can not be let into a year book full of girls with big blonde hair now can they? How silly to think that as we grew up they would let go of old ignorance's and prejudices. In grade ten I meet a girl who although wasn't nearly as funky looking as me was in the same state as me alone and confused. She was insanely intelligent she used to get so irritated by the teachers being so stupid she would sit in class and rip her hair from her scalp, nobody else but me ever understood how she felt or why she did that to herself. We used to eat lunch alone in the park because nobody would let us near a table in the cafeteria. When she moved away the next year I cried for weeks and refused to go back to school. The hate and ignorance was too much for me I started to have severe panic attacks when put into public places but still I refused to change the way I felt I should look, when you feel as low as I did the only thing that made me feel better was having control over my appearance. I started to spend more time at the library back then it was the only place to learn new things (no internet way back then) and I actually made friends, some where freaky looking but most normal looking but all of us where hanging out in the library for the same reason; we had been rejected by our peers for the simple reason that we didn't fit the mould of the typical wholesome kid. From that group of people whose interests where so varied, from sci fi to automotive to pets to culture to art and everything in-between, I found friends that looked past my outward projection and saw the real me and found something worthy in it. To this day those people are my friends and I cherish everything they taught me and everything they ever did to help me become the person I am today. I was assured that I didn't have to change myself to become a good mother, or need a husband, or own a car, or do anything I didn't want to do, it 's that kind of group mentality that draws people together after all we're all just lonely people on a lonely planet reaching out for somebody else. To those of you to young to know life before mods where common and tattoos where normal, remember what a great gift it is to be coming of age in a time when tolerance of different opinions and ideas is greater than it's ever been and be thankful there's a place like BME to come and meet people who are a lot like you but have there own opinions and ideas to share with you. And most of all never forget the infinite wisdom and compassion of human beings even when it doesn't seem to be there it is it just needs to be found and nurtured. So the next time you see a kid wearing a Tommy shirt and you're going to make a snide remark just think of how rude it is when they insult you and how it makes you feel. No matter how cool you think you are we're all the same inside we all need love and acceptance remember that and life will be better for all of us.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 May 2001
in Ritual

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