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My Second Mhendi

Second Mhendi

My Second Mhendi

And I am finding alternative mediums that stain as the henna is most cumbersome to work with. The best thing I have found so far is sunless suntan lotion (ssl). I put it in a craft bottle with a tiny holed tip and use it that way.

I have done my foot and ankle that way... but am not exactly sure how to explain the setting process... not sure if leaving it on does it or if squirting in in the design, then washing it off will do it. It's harder in a way since any smudges results in tanning instead of a design... and since it's light and soaks in, wiping it is kinda difficult. But, the best part is the ssl lasts a LOT longer than the mhendi. I swim daily in several different pools throughout the week... and while the mhendi faded very quickly with the chlorine... the ssl marks have great staying power.

I am also experimenting with hair tint... the stuff that's sold in tatt and body piercing studios. I gave myself a purple mole on my left hand (as the center to a mhendi'd flower) and while the color stayed nicely for four days, it is fading quickly now. Many who saw the mhendi asked if I could do colors... their seeming to enjoy the temp status of something on them instead of the (to me) spiritual aspect of mhendi... so am torn. Until I figure it all out, I can experiment on myself :) Next I am trying those thick cake icing colors sold in craft stores. I need a slew of those craft bottles with tips!

Enjoy the mhendi... and remember, they were my first... rather thick-lined... but I am working on technique :)

Barb aka gardenia ...who will describe her making mhendi paste from scratch when she does it

Orlando [email protected] through exquisite pain comes exquisite joy

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Ritual

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