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My Flesh Hook Suspension

My name is Holly. Life has taken me on many interesting journeys. My favorite
though, was when I returned to visit my home in Phoenix, AZ for the first time
since childhood. Phoenix has changed a lot, needless to say, and I was
intrigued by all that I saw. I met this man there, John Gomes. He inspired me
to learn a lot about life as well as turn me onto a whole new world. He had
some interesting piercing that let me know my simple ones were only touching
the surface of Body Mod. Before I met him I had never seen an implant. He has
implants on the tops of both his hands, it amazed me. I had spotted Joe in
Miami, FL, this guy with a mohawk made of steel. But the other things I saw
when I was invited into John's world left me slack jawed and feeling like a

It was funny, but coming from KY as I did I thought I was aware of
the body modification scene. I had a few small tattoos and the typical
piercing, which back home was taboo enough. My tongue had been pierced, my
nipples, my navel, you know all the trendy things. I had a tattoo of a rose,
ahh how sweet, it was my first. Also and ankh on my leg. Since this visit to
Phoenix though I have begun working on my back piece. It is a scene of
purgatory. But on with the story right.

John would have frightened the
people in the small town I had just left. I loved it. We hung out for a while
that first night and I listened to him talk of Flesh Hook Suspension. It
baffled, dazzled and frightened me all at the same time.

I spent a lot of
time with John. He really is the most interesting and truthful man I have met
in my life.

In our journeys together he took me to see a friend of his,
Steve Hayworth. Steve blew me away. He is so intelligent and extremely
intoxicating in his presence. It turned out that I was totally intrigued by
this flesh hook suspension they kept talking about. As fate would have it, or
maybe it is just the path I chose to walk, I was at Steve and Becky's one
night that they were doing some suspensions.

I watched the various
suspensions, some vertical, some horizontal, some didn't make it off the
ground. I decided I wanted to experience this. I have many reasons for wanting
to try it. But the one that pushed me to asking them to suspend me, was the
fact that if I could go through with it, I would prove to myself that I could
overcome anything, even myself.

There was a nice clean room in Steve's
house for the piercing procedures and I noted that they were extremely
sanitary. I liked that.

The night went on, one after the other I watched as
the people went up. Becky was so sweet, like a mother cat nursing her kittens
as she talked the people through their fear. She truly is a beautiful person.

I waited patiently for my turn and as I lay on the table my mind spun in
a million different directions. They pierced me together, John and Steve. One
on either side of me. They were so sweet, making jokes to relax me and
soothing me with their comforting voices and gentle touches. No brutality
here, sheer professionalism and friendship.

One after the other they
pierced me with 6 gauge hooks. Twelve of them total. One in each calf, one in
the back of each thigh (these hurt the worst), six in my back and one in
either elbow. Everyone kept reassuring me that this was the worst part of the
whole thing and as the last hook was set I was certain that if I could live
through that I could make it.

I liked the piercing and wondered if I could
keep them. No such luck, as they are impractical to wear all of the time.

As I lay face down listening to the crank come down on top of me, all of
my thoughts were spinning. I trusted these friends of mine so there was no
fear. Only anticipation. I was completely sober for this experience and since
then I have found that I enjoy life much more this way. As they hooked the
equipment to me I wondered how badly it would hurt, moments later as it slowly
began to crank up I found out. Burning pain ripped through my entire being and
I screamed. I could feel my flesh separating from the muscle. It seemed an
eternity, I did not stop though. John talked to me in a very calming voice, as
always extremely logical. He told me the more I fought the pain the more it
would hurt. He was right. I stopped fighting against the pain.

The most
amazing thing happened a few minutes later, the pain stopped. It was the most
incredible experience of my life, hanging there above him. I hung for a while
and when they let me down my entire body was more relaxed then I had ever been
before. As was my mind. The next few days the feeling of relaxation lingered.
I was in love. To this day the smell of a piercing studio, the conversation of
suspension, or the warmth of an April night in Phoenix takes me back to that
moment in time when I realized just how separate the flesh is from the

I look forward to flying back out to Phoenix and enjoying this again


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 Nov. 2001
in Ritual

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Artist: Steve+Hayworth+AND+John+Gomes
Studio: Steve+Hayworth+HTC
Location: Phoenix+AZ

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