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* one more addiction *

first of all, i'd like to say that bme is the only place where i'd been able to find others with like minds and to display my passions freely and completely. anyplace else, online or in real life, understanding is extremely hard to come by. my area is filled with simpletons who don't understand the beauty of body modification. either that, or arrogant tattoo artists or piercers who don't experiment beyond the "traditional." it looks like i'll have to travel far, far away for my liberty spikes and implants when the time comes. i discover a different dimension of art through (what these idiots consider to be) pain each and every day. i feel very lucky to have acquired this knowledge, and hope to share it with the willing. one of my goals is to create a suspension group in south florida someday. i have no regrets concerning the choices i make, because they all help to make me a better person in one way or another. a few months ago, while browsing through bmeshop, i decided to order a box of 100 hypodermic needles. the only piercings i'd had before were ones with a "definite purpose", where body jewelry was inserted, with a few episodes of stretching here and there. the needles were calling my name. they seemed so dainty and airy and delicate that i had no doubts that they'd help extend my love of piercing further than before. it was an experimental thing, and maybe somebody would want to try them out with me. the order was complete, and after 3 weeks, my package arrived. it didn't sound like "fun" to anybody else, so i ended up alone as always, locked up in the bathroom with that white and yellow box. i opened up one of the needles and examined it. it was so pretty and shiny and new. as it slipped underneath the surface of my skin, i couldn't help but gasp. then went another, then another. i think there were about 20 used altogether. i was too hypnotized with the whole practice to count correctly. everything was puffy, red, and indescribably beautiful. it's become an everyday thing now, this bonding with needles. i hope to share it with someone i love one of these days, if there ever is a someone. it's helping me to redefine myself again, and realize that i have no place with those with lack of appreciation for such wonders. it's a form of affection with me, and if i can't express myself, then the hell with it. there are tiny punctures and soft blue bruises that remind me of the beauty i'd recently discovered. for anybody who wants to try 'play piercing', here are some tips: 1) -- there is nothing wrong with you. don't let people tell you otherwise. if it brings you pleasure, so be it. 2) -- use sterile hypodermic needles only, from 20 to 16 gauge. i heard that you can't get them in the US without a physician's permission, so you can always order from bmeshop. don't use safety pins or sewing needles. 3) -- if you live with someone who doesn't understand, make sure to hide your needles in a safe place. 4) -- don't make the punctures visible, you could be fired from your job for being a "heroin addict." 5) -- if you live in south fl... my iam name is daughter of the sea. 6) -- use common sense. don't stick them in too deep, because you can injure a nerve. 7) -- don't be under the influence of alcohol or any other painkiller. during a vision quest, it's perfectly fine. 8) -- for the first time, stop at 10. 9) -- there'll be blood. if you don't like blood, this is not for you. 10) -- don't practice this with minors! the mommy and daddy will smash your head in with a cake rolling pin. it doesn't "hurt", really. it's a completely different type of sensation, one that some may absolutely love and some may hate. there is only one way to find out. there is nothing to lose. it leaves minimal to no scars. i think i am ready for another session, the bathroom and needles are calling my name yet again.

what's next? many other things in the 'ritual' category. i find the bmeshop pinwheel very appealing, and hope to order it soon. (it might be a while, though, because i'm broke, and my birthday is on the 10th of november) what in the world could be better than being alone with fun, sharp objects? .. being alone with someone who appreciates my love for sharp objects. and that's final. good luck to everyone considering trying this wonderful thing. it's definitely worth it. ~~ daughter of the sea


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 Oct. 2001
in Ritual

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Location: fort+lauderdale%2C+fl

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