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Tug-o-war loser

I wrote this experience to help inform all those interested in a pulling. I have tried to include certain aspects that I felt others were lacking when I went to find other experiences about the same. That said, let me explain a little about myself. I'm 6', about 290 lbs, so finding someone of my stature was a little challenging. I asked MoDvAyNe (Jake) to be my partner although he lacked 6" and 75 lbs. Short of Shannon, I think he was about as close as I was going to get. I am also pretty pussy when it comes to pain, but usually I just push myself through it. So when you think that you might be too much of a wimp to handle this, understand that if I can do it, so can you. Jake and I had been drinking the night before pretty hardcore, and my roommates decided to get up at 8am, just to piss me off I think. So I felt like shit needless to say. We decided to go shoe shopping for me and kill some time before the BBQ. I basically spent the entire day worrying my ass off about one thing: getting the hooks put in. I lack tattoos, and I have only my 4 earlobe piercings; 2 done @ 14 and stretched to 5/8" and 2 done @ 8 stretched to 6. So I was quite worried about having 9 gauge (which were actually 6ga) hooks put in my flesh with a 10ga needle. Now, when I went to have four of my wisdom teeth cut out, the only thing I worried about was getting the IV in my arm. Not the two weeks of pain and soreness or waking up in the middle, just the little needle in my arm. So the same with this, I wasn't worried about pulling a 215 lb man around with hooks in my back, I just worried about getting them in. We arrived at about 4pm to the BBQ where I met a few people from the last time. I made sure to talk to Phil Barbosa to make sure we were definitely in. Unfortunately, my friend who didn't contact Phil was not going to get to do it because they were running low on supplies. He said it wasn't going to be until around 7 before we could begin the festivities. SUCK. I thought I was going to lose my mind waiting around for 3 hours. I was trying not to drink. So that only added to my nervousness and frustration for the evening. Finally, the Great Orbax told us to come into the house and get ready. That felt like sitting in the waiting room at the doctor's office to find out the results from that biopsy or AIDS test. I was just nervous as hell. Finally, the next two came out with hooks in their backs, and we were called in. Jake and I sat down in some green lawn chairs (I have the same kind in my back yard) topless and waited for pain. He was cool and calm the whole time, however, his BME experience reflects a certain level of fear he wouldn't express to me or anyone else at the time. This is pretty much the part where I feel that most experiences lack: the insertion of the hooks. Mil0 first marked the spots with red dye. At about this time, Martini comes in, and they decide that Martini will pierce me. Monte (clad in a black corset and leather shorts) has come to help Orbax with Jake. They are already going at it when Martini begins with me. We decide to do the standard 2 deep breaths method. As I exhale on the second breath, the dull pain of the needle breaking the skin surges to my brain. It really isn't the kind of pain you expect. It's kind of texture based, and you just feel the skin split. The real pain came with the hook stretching. According to Martini, the whole thing should have been a hell of a lot faster, but I appearantly have very tough skin. So the hook going in was a little brutal. However, it was very bearable. It felt like getting my ears stretched, only in my back. We walked back outside to set up. The rope was placed in the hooks, and we started pulling. Tigertante was my spotter and did an awesome job of keeping me balanced and calm. The experience was hard to describe. It was definitely painful, but the good feeling was way more noticable, if that makes sense. I found it hard to stay balanced, mostly because we were far from a balanced pair. He also pulled a little harder than I was planning on taking, which is why I chose the title of this experience as such. The real pain began when we decided to do some tug-o-war. I had planned on just us pulling against one another when our spotters grabbed our arms and pulled as hard as we all could. I asked for a break in the middle, but otherwise, I kept up as best as I could. We finished by getting the hooks taken out and some small massaging done. That hurt because the glove kept grabbing my skin and pulling really hard on it. Maybe a little KY next time would help =). All in all, this was the best experience in my life yet. I can hardly wait until I can do that suicide suspension I've been dreaming of. Expect to see an experience down the road for that.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Sept. 2001
in Ritual

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Artist: Mil0%2C+Martini%2C+and+the+IWASCURED+Crew
Studio: Shannon%27s+house
Location: Toronto%2C+ON

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