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Where to start.. I started getting into piercings a few years ago, when i got my eyebrow pierced. after a few months the 'newness' of it wore off, and even though i loved it, i got bored. So i got my tongue pierced. It was in a pretty crappy studio that got shut down for sanitary reasons a few months after i went, but it turned out pretty good.. After that i got both nipples pierced then went for the grand daddy (at least for me), the PA. i loved all my piercings but after awhile i had to take them out for reasons such as work and school but the urge was still there. Not too long ago, maybe 8 months ago, i was sitting in my room, really bored, and not feeling that great and i decided it would be a good idea to pierce myself.. so i picked up a safety pin, poured some rubbing alcohol on it, and pierced the back of my wrist. surprisingly (to me at least) it didn't hurt at all. i thought it looked cool, i've always wanted a wrist surface piercing but no one around here even knows what a surface bar is.. anyway i closed the safety pin and entertained thoughts of going to sleep and leaving it in. but i knew that would lead to problems, i don't know exactly what safety pins are made out of but i'm sure they weren't meant for poking holes in your skin. anyways the next day i went out and bought a little pack of safety pins, a bit smaller in gauge and pierced up my wrist, top and bottom.. usually they didn't hurt at all and there was minimal bleeding (like not even a full drop of blood).. when they were in it was neat to pull on them and see the outline of the bar under the skin and feel it move around. when the needle went in i could pretty much rotate it around to find the exit hole. when doing these i didn't just pinch the skin together and push it right through like most piercings are done at studios, but i slowly applied pressure until it broke under the skin, then slid it in and found an exit point. the exit feeling was really strange, feeling the needle pushing out from under your skin. the whole experience gave me a greater appreciation for what i was missing during an actualy piercing experience (though that may not be a bad thing :) for some reason i didn't understand at the time i wanted more pain so i moved from my wrists to my finger webs, my quads, even the top of my foot (that hurt). the finger webs hurt quite a bit and took some pressure to get all the way through but it was a great feeling when the needle pushed through the other side.. after awhile i started doing frenum-type piercings with multiple safety pins.. i thought with my pa in and 2 safety pins it would've made a great picture, but unfortunately i didn't have a camera handy :( i wanted to try to do a scrotal piercing with the safety pins but when i put the tip of the safety pin to the skin it felt really ticklish and like it would hurt in a more 'this skin is really sensitive' way than any kind of actual pain. i never did push through, though i wanted to, for the fact that i didn't want an infection in my ball sack, possibly spreading to my testicles, possibly leading to my sterility. anyways. i thought of buying actual play piercing needles and using those, but i have no one to do this with and piercing alone, like drinking alone, leaves me with a weird hollow feeling. so i think i'm putting that off for awhile. after awhile the urges to pierce myself subsided, and i quit completely after i pulled one pin out of my arm and a thick stream of blood started gushing out down my arm. it didn't hurt, and it was cool to see the blood, but i figured i was flirting with some sort of infection. all in all i think it actually helped me put some problems out of my mind for awhile and got me through a tough time in my life. right now i still have my prince albert in, i stretched it to a 0ga but i've left it out for so long i think its back to a 6 or so. someday i hope to start stretching it again but who knows what the future will hold. i liked the frenum / safety pin piercings so much that i'm thinking about getting a pair of real 8/6 ga frenum piercings, i'll write in if i do! Fin.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Aug. 2001
in Ritual

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Artist: Self+Done
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