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A Taste of the Blade

So there I was, drinking a beer... Wait, wait, sorry wrong story to tell. Before I start this story (names have been nicked to save those in this story SOME embarrassment) I need to tell you a bit about myself. Well, I'm 5'3, 110 LBS. Brown eyes and chunky short dark brown hair and fair skin... well yeah. Ok ok I look like a pixie... but that's not relevant. What IS relevant is this: I have had an obsession and adoration of anything vampiric for as long as I can remember. Plus, I am a professed masochist and submissive. (though just to be fair, you wouldn't know that unless I told you) So when I hooked up with Elf, I just knew things were going to be interesting. You have all seen (I hope) Dracula and the images of the sexy vampire reaching out to the half clad woman sleeping in her bed, and hear her startled screams as he sinks his fangs into her oh so soft neck flesh... and the infamous I"I don't drink... wine"/I and that thought just stuck to me. Then when puberty started I found that I was indeed a carnivore of the worst kind... eating nearly raw bloody meat as if it were... well, air to breathe. And I had come to the conclusion that I was what I had always admired: a vampire. Now let me tell you, having a blood lust isn't all its cracked up to be. I deal with skin that burns like hell after 10 minutes, my eyes can't handle direct sunlight without a fierce migraine, and I'm lethargic half the time because even if I sleep, I don't really Isleep/I. So on to my story. Elf and I have been dating for over five months, and I feel an intense bond with him, like you see in the movies. And I get the nerve to tell him all that I am... fearing that he will be disgusted/disbelieving/fearful and turn away, just like the other boyfriends. But this one stays, and I'm thinking, this is a keeper. And one day, he tells me "If you ever feel the need, I will feed you." And I am ecstatic! But he tells me he is afraid of the pain, so I say OK, we will do this together. I had been thinking about doing cuttings for a while now, and had gone onto this site for ideas. There weren't many pictures, which sort of bummed me out, but I'm creative so it didn't seem too much a problem. Ultimately I want wings cut into my back and scarred there, I want a pentacle either carved or tattooed onto my lower back (like right at the base of the spine) and my five sacred runes cut near my feet. I know a few of those might be slightly dangerous, but they will all be professionally done. If anyone knows of a good artist in the Washington state area, give me a buzz at forgottenbellringer@lycos.com. So I told Elf all of this, and he seemed intrigued by the idea... He and I share a similar taste in what is beautiful, and how one can express their inner being/light. After he accepted my vampirism, I knew I could tell him my more arcane ideas on my body modification ideas. Nipple piercing, scarification, hooks in my back, the ear projects I want to do, vaginal lacings with real grommet-like eyelets, and many tattoos. I wasn't scared to be around him and speak my mind, which is such a burden lifted I'll tell you. If you ever find such a person, never let them go. But I've drifted from the topic. We went to a craft store to buy a scalpel and when we do, we go back to his house. We play a little, put on some music, and then he's ready... I cut him. He flinches as I drag the blade quickly across his flesh, on his back near his shoulder, and for the first time I get to taste live blood. Let me tell you it was a trip. But we aren't at the fun part yet. Now it's his turn. He takes the blade in hand and massages the part of flesh he is to cut into. I can feel bubbles of nervousness in my stomach, Id never been cut by anyone else but myself before. And when I felt the tip of that blade slice into my skin, I felt like ripping his arm off... but only for that first millisecond. After that, as he sliced at me, I felt I was in heaven. I begged him to cut more, to write his name, to keep going... but he was afraid that he would really injure me. (since then I've told him of this site, and he has been looking over it for pointers and tips on safe cutting) But that was just a taste. Just like my navel piercing, it's just a tease of what I COULD be getting... and I cannot wait to get into it deeper. That was a bliss that I would gratefully accept again, I just hope Elf is a good artist. Thanks for listening Rowan


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Aug. 2001
in Ritual

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Artist: Elf
Studio: at+his+house
Location: Washington+STATE

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