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metal through my flesh

The ceiling is white when the sun shone through the half closed curtains. Smoke lingering in the air. Lying in bed with my shirt on the floor, I did not remember feeling pain in the last few hours. When the needles pierced through my skin I did not feel pain like I usually do. Instead I felt relieved. Like all of my worries are gone for a moment, sort of like letting myself be 'me' for a day. It's the first time I look at "play piercing" in a more spiritual way. One of my friend and I were talking about play piercing one afternoon. I found out that we both have interest in trying it. One is willing to perform; the other is willing to receive. That afternoon we bought a pack of sewing needles from London Drugs, after cleaning the needles with alcohol and burning with my lighter. We started our little section in my bedroom. I took off my shirt, took a deep breath and she started piercing the first needle through my right chest. A great pain rushed through me. Seeing the discomfort from my expression, she asked if we should stop. I did not want it to end so quickly, I want our first try to be more meaningful then that. I told her maybe I might need to get use to it first, so we carried on with it. After the fourth needle, I could not stand it anymore, so we call it for the day and try harder later. That night I was battling with my mind. My heart really wanted this whole play piercing experience to work. But my body was not cooperating. I started to lose my courage to do it again. I began to make myself believe that maybe it is not me to do this. So I called my friend up and told her about it. She said it was ok if I was not feeling ready to give another go for it. But she came over the following night anyway. It was three in the morning. This time she brought a pack of 30 dental needles. They were 30 gauges, and she stole them from her friend's 'clinic'. Her friend is a dominatrix, owns her own 'clinic'. My friend said these might work better since they are in smaller gauges. They should be more acceptable the sewing needles from last time. We both had a few drinks, and then we started our second try section in my bedroom. Like last time I laid flat on my bed facing the ceiling. Shirt was on the floor. I started get a lil' sleepy after the drinks. I rushed her to do it quickly. So I can go to bed as soon as possible. The first needle is pierced near my collarbone and this time it felt okay, not too much pain. It was starting to get better and better after the tenth needle. Since it worked so well this time, we think we proved it we both enjoyed it and we worked great together. So extra sleeping time for both of us, after this great experience. I asked her to leave the needles at my place, just in case I wanted to perform it myself.
I meant to try play piercing again couple of days later, but my friend need to go on vacation with her family. I tried waiting for her, seeing the pack of needles in my drawer every time I opened it. I decided to try it on my own. This time with a cigarette in my hand I start my little piercing section alone. A can of beer nest my pack of needles. I started grabbing my first needle, this time on my old wound on my right chest. I was a lot more relaxed on my own. I did it with no difficulties what so ever this time. I was so excited about it I nearly knocked down my beer. This time I got twenty of them done. I called my friend up with the hotel number she gave me. Too bad she was not in her room at that time. I got no one to share my joy. I got the rest of the needles through my right waist in one straight row. I stood in front of the mirror. And begin to study the marks I had made to my body in the last few hours. It was a piece of art. I guess I did great for my first try. I began to admire my work. I tried taking pictures of myself but I did not seem to locate my camera. My friend would love to see it. The day she got back form vacation she cam to my place and visit me and I showed her the red marks from the piercing on my body. She couldn't believe I did it by myself. Now she wants me to perform play piercing on her since I experienced now.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Aug. 2001
in Ritual

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Artist: My+friend+and+I
Studio: Home+-Bedroom
Location: A+small+town+Canada

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