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Blood And Lightning

Just like all of the classics and that ever-so-over used cliche, it was a

dark and stormy night. But it was so on purpose. We chose this night in particular. Myself and my girlfriend at the time shared a special bond this night, and it was one in which neither of us will ever forget. We set the mood with some Cradle of Filth, the Dusk And Her Embrace album, to be exact. Candles were lit all around the room and a mix of Dragon's Blood and Patchoulli as well. I kneeled in the middle of the room, dark blanket beneath me. She meditated for a few minutes to prepare herself. I remember the anticipation I felt at that moment. It was practically overwhelming! Soon, she stood up and walked over to me. She sat down beside me and asked if I was ready. Of course I was. She picked up from the tray my ritual dagger and looked at it for a moment. Her eyes switched to me and she curled a tiny smile. I gave her my arm and let her begin. She started by running the blade up and down my arm slowly, playing off my anticipation which must have been very obvious. She gripped my arm a little tighter and began the first cut. God, it was like pure ecstasy. I had cut before, creating patterns on my chest, but never by someone whom I loved. It was a completely different feeling. The physical pain was there, but the feeling I had inside was unexplainable. The first cut was roughly an inch long, just deep enough to get some blood. She caressed the other side of my arm and then licked the blood off with the tip of her tongue. I picked up a candle that was within arm's reach and poured some of the wax over the cut. The heat added to the pain but in a way I liked. She brought the knife up for a second cut. This one was about an inch and a half and maybe 2 inches up my forearm from the last. I reached for the candle again but she stopped me and grabbed it herself. She poured the wax on and when she finished, she peeled the soft half-dried wax off the first cut. Pouring wax back on it, she looked at me and asked if it was her turn. I took her shirt off and she handed me her arm. I took the knife from her and began the first cut. As I did it, she caressed my cheek with her other hand. This cut lined with her arm rather than crosswise like mine. She closed her eyes and breathed in deeply with a smile on her face. The cut was about as deep as my first and roughly 2 and a half inches long. She bled much easier than I did, and believe me, I took full advantage of that. I licked and waited, licked and waited. I did this about 4 times before pouring the wax on. She surprised me just then with a request. She wanted me to make a patterned burn on her! I asked her three times if she was sure, because she'd never shown any interest in that before, just tattoos and scarification. She took her pentagram neclace off and asked me to use that. Still surprised, I took it form her hand and held it over a candle with a pair of clean needle-nosed pliers. I held it there for only about 30 seconds to a minute before she said, "ok." She held her other arm flat out on the altar that was beside us, underarm of her forearm up. I set the pentagram on her arm and released the pliers. It was only about 10 seconds before she asked me to take it off. The burn looked beautiful. She looked at me with a big smile and the happiest eyes I had ever seen. She stood up to the altar and whispered something that sounded like gratitude. Kneeling in front of me, she asked me to lay down. She began pouring wax on my chest. This didn't phase me much because I was used to it, What I didn't know what she was 'awakening' my nerves for something. She took the knife and began to lightly cut, pouring wax over each one. The experience lasted about 10 minutes but it felt like an eternity of bliss. After the second cut I just closed my eyes and felt it all. It seemed almost like I left my body but the feeling came with me. It was all I could feel, all I knew. It seemed like an entirely different existence. The only word I could use to describe it is euphoric. Afterwards, she bent down to kiss me and I'd rather not go into what came after. I think everyone could surmise it though. That night holds itself in my memory and I would never let it go.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 June 2001
in Ritual

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Artist: Myself+and+my+girlfriend
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Location: Rutland%2C+Vermont

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