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The Rape and Reclamation of Becky

The following article was written by me as part of a research paper on body modification, I feel however the paper was a total piece of crap except for this once piece which I am very proud of. The article is mostly based on my girl's experience, but her journey has yet to be completed due to lack of money and the fact she is still questioning herself on weather or not to get pierced below the neck. To round out the paper I had to complete the journey so I created a character based on other people I know who and articles I have read on BME. This article is entirely true up to the five asterisks. After that it becomes a work of fiction, but hopefully one day soon I can rewrite the end when my girl finished her journey. Also to protect her privacy I changed her name. In 1992 Becky, age 10, was forced to stay with her 16-year-old cousin, John, while their parents went out. They both hated each other. As their parents stared to leave Becky threw a fit and started kicking and screaming. She was ignored. Becky had calmed down and was watching TV. John was in another room on the phone. The doorbell rang and John let his friend, Mikhail, in. He had brought a large bag. They both went into the bedroom. Becky wondered why John hadn't been bothering or pestering her at all. Mikhail came out and grabbed Becky by the hair and dragged her into the bedroom. John and his friend tied Becky to the bed with rope they had pulled out of Mikhail's bag. John tore off her clothes while Mikhail pulled a camcorder out of the bag and started recording. They each took turns raping and sodomizing Becky while the other filmed it. When they finished they put the camera and ropes back into the bag and told her to not tell anyone. Becky's parents picked her up later that night. She told them she was playing in the woods and fell down a hill and that's why her clothes were all torn up. Her parents unfortunately believed her. She tried to forget what happened and push all her feelings away. It's 1995 now and Becky is 13. Her body is changing much faster she is noticing it much more. She hates her body. She feels that its no longer hers, her body was taken away from her three years ago. She starts cutting her arms and legs to reclaim it. She cuts only a few times a month so that no one will suspect anything. 1999. Becky is 17 now and feels happy with her body, well most of it. She has scars on her arms legs and stomach. She finds them "ugly" but prefers it this way because it is once again her body. The only parts she has yet to reclaim are her breasts and vulva. Becky wants to reclaim her breasts and vulva but doesn't want to put them under a blade. She hates them. She has never masturbated or had a boyfriend who she has done anything sexual with her because cant stand anything touching her in an intimate way. They were the part that was most violated and she cant do anything to reclaim them. But then in the fall of '99 she met me. Becky and I quickly became close friends and soon I found out about that horrible day. I wanted to help her reclaim her body. I knew that some people had been able to reclaim their bodies through piercing so I introduced her into the world of body modification. I showed her articles I found on BME written by other rape victims who were able to reclaim themselves. After thinking for a while Becky thinks this is the way she wants to go to finish her reclamation. However she was concerned and didn't want to pierce, "down there" as she said, without being sure it would help so she decided she would have her nipples pierced first.

Becky is 18 now. I took her into DC and to a reputable establishment. Becky was nervous so she asked lots of questions and looked through the piercer's portfolio. She was worried about the pain so the piercer let her watch him at work. When she saw the pain only lasted a few seconds she was ready to go. Today Becky is very happy with her piercings. She feel that her breasts are once again hers and she loves the fact she was able to reclaim them without covering them in ugly scars. She is able to touch them without being repulsed. In the interview I conducted for this paper she told me this "My body was stolen from me eight years ago. Over the course of the five years I have slowly taken it back. Today I am one step away from completing my journey. In three weeks I will get my hood pierced I will have finally reclaimed my body."

As you know the ending of this was fictional, I would

just like to put in the real quote, which I based the final quote on. "My body was stolen from me eight years ago. Over the course of the five years I have slowly taken it back. Now I have almost completed my journey. Hopefully one day soon I will be 100% positive I want my nipples and hood pierced and I will be able to finish my journey."


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on: 31 May 2001
in Ritual

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