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Blood and fun

I have always liked self-destruction and body mod since I was about 12. I would use X-acto knifes to trace pattern or my veins on my arms and legs, usually the scars go away very quickly. Sometimes I would pour rubbing alcohol on to the wounds and rub. I love the sting from the alcohol. I other times I would use sewing needles to pierce myself, usually ears and lips sometimes fingers. And of course alcohol is poured and rubbed after the needle is taken out. There is this time I was so bored at school during English class, I craved the poem my teacher on my forearm using X-acto knife just because I think the poem sound kind of cool and I was bored. Well my teacher found out and said it was appropriate for any human being to do this to one self. (O, did I tell you I was in an all girls catholic high school at that time) then there was this whole god gave you this body you should not harm or do anything bad to it all sorts of preaching non-sense. They forced me to go to see counselor and talk about it. Wasn¡¦t that just great I can¡¦t do whatever shit I want to my body. Ok maybe it¡¦s a little bit weird to do it in school and I was a minor at that time. But still I don¡¦t think is that big a deal¡KI didn¡¦t have blood pouring down the floor and no one got hurt except me. I didn¡¦t scare anyone except the faculty and some students after that brainless teacher pointed it out loud during the midway of class. So what if I stop doing it to myself at school, this doesn¡¦t mean I can do it at home. So back to my room with X-acto, needles and me. Once I did this silly I thought food colorings is the similar to tattoo ink, so I went into my kitchen and look for food colorings, but I ran out of them so the closest thing I can find that have color and stains stuff was ---Kool-aid. Well, guess that was a wrong choice. I must be on really bad drugs that day; I for got the citric acid in the Kool-aid would eat into my wounds. It was really painful, and it did not last through one day. I guess it¡¦s all right my first attempt failed. I moved to Canada when I was 16 and I go to public high school. Finally a breath of true freedom and get to know a lot of different types of people¡XPunks, Goths, and I got in to this Gothic Vampirism that whole eternal life mumble jumbo stuff. Blood drinking was totally fun, but about funny fake British accent thing just cracks me up. I also learned a little about BDSM from one of my gay Goth buddy. Just general whipping with a chopper on a strong man¡¦s ass would give me this high. But BDSM-- I never tried it with any one. The first time my buddy brought me in to the hardcore medical chamber. Everything just moved me. I love looking at man being strapped to a chair or operation table and being carved by scalpels or getting Saline Scrotal Infusion. I guessed I¡¦m more of a dominatrix myself; I would like to be some one just like Mistress CM Hurt. I do not eliminate the possibility of being submissive in near future. Talks about vampirism, I always have this fantasy of blood bath being cuffed in a bathtub full of strawberry Jell-o with an extremely hot Goth guy heavily pierced and tattooed. He would hand cuff me and strip me in the tub. Then start licking and sucking me all over. Third, the fun part¡K. he would slash me up and suck my warm blood coming out of my fresh wound. Then we would exchange blood. Last but not least he would do me a great favor by give me a labial saline infusion and we would finish off with general common sex. I always want to try having sex after a labial saline infusion. But I haven¡¦t found any guy who would do it with me¡K. The closet real experience of vampirism I got my wrist cut by a guy at school and he drunk my blood. It was a great experience he said he would try to fulfill my fantasy once he got the hang of the technique. He said if he wanted to do it, he wanted to do it right the first time he did it for me. Aren¡¦t I glad that he is into body mod and S&M? I am such a happy happy girl with him. He is so open to what I¡¦m into and he supports me a lot.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 April 2001
in Ritual

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Artist: me+and+my+friend
Studio: home
Location: canada

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