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Spring Break Play Piercing

This was written on March 12, 2001. This is a true story, as youll notice I never mention my friends name, that is because while she doesnt mind this being posted she would like to keep some anonymity. Oh, me and my friend are both 18, and the evil wench is 16(if you read you will realize she wasnt involved in anything so its not illegal so dont bitch at me) Last night my friend came over. I guess you could say that night we became friends with priviledges. It was the last night of spring break so we had planned some fun, her idea of a goodbye gift. Unfortunatly I still stay with my uptight parents during vacations and they would flip if I had a girl over so I tricked my sis into inviteing her for an overnight. My parents still think im their little baby boy so they didnt suspect a thing. We watched HATED, Blood Sucking Freaks and Se7en. Just the kinda stuff that turns her on. Well I needed some needles and unfortunatly my diabetic aunt moved out so there goes my needle supply. I had to go down to the giant. I bought some cookie dough (i was hungry) altoids and sewing needles. Not the sharpest but its the best i could do. The girl at the register said "OK i get altoids and cookie dough but needles?" I said i was hungry and my girl was spendin the night. She winked and said well that explained the cookie dough and altoids but asked about the needles again. I told her she didnt want to know but she pushed and pushed and there was no one behind me in line so i told her in graphic detail how i was going to show my whore how she would like needles in her tits and cunt. The clerk almost flipped out so i let her keep the extra 63 cents change. I dont think it was enough to pay for the mental scars i had left. I got back and steralized the needles as well as some nails. My friend wanted to nail my sack to a board and put needles in my balls. I sat down and finished Se7en with my friend and my sister and reccomended they go to bed. This is when my plans went to hell. My sister, not realizing that I had other reasons to have my friend over, decided that she would sleep in the same room with my friend. My sister would get my parents to throw my ass out of the house if she knew what was up. I said that i had some really twisted shit i wanted to show my friend and that i was going to bring her to my room for an hour or so.

Well that blew any chances of nailing my sack to a board as my parents sleep just down the hall from my room, but there was always needles. I had her watch Nine Inch Nail's BROKEN video to get her all hot (www.nineinchnails.net has it). She just loves watching torture and death and blood. Well after a few min of it i had her dress hiked up and her panties pulled to the side. For some reason she didnt want to take em off and being that she was being kind enough to let me put needles in her cunt I didnt complain. Up to this point i had only played with and sucked on her tits and chewed on her elbows (i have an elbow fetish). Oh I had put needles in her legs and elbows so it wasnt the first needle experience of hers. Well I saw her pussy for the first time. Damn I could tell she hadnt had much dick and what she did have was recent because I could see the torn shreads of her cherry. Well I said she would get to put needles in me first. I took off my pants and boxers and she pulled out a needle and asked if she could put it in my sack. I said sure. the streched my sack till the skin was tight and pushed the needle in. Because they are sewing needles there heads are very small she had trouble getting it in. She managed to get it halfway in and then her finger slipped off and the needle ripped tore up the inside. It hurt like a bitch but i didnt make a noise becasue i knew if i yelled my parents would wake up. It felt soooooo good. She pushed the needle the rest of the way through and stared in amazement. "How could you not scream?" she asked. I said I had tought myself to control my reaction to pain. It was my turn with the needle. To distract her i rewound the broken video to the happyness in slavery part. I stuck the middle finger of my left hand all the way into her cunt and pulled it out halfway. I could see a large part of her hymen was still attached and thought that would be a good place to start. Not much pain for her first genital playpiercing. I shoved the needle through and partway into my finger. She said she didnt feel a thing. I shoved a sock in her mouth so she wouldnt scream if this next part hurt. The needle was still through her and in my finger so i decided to pull my finger out of her so the needle would rip out of her. I heard a slight muffled squeel. I pulled the sock out of her mouth and she moaned. She said that hurt a little but felt very very good. It was bleeding a little so i decided to lick her clean. God damn her bloody pussy tastes good. Well she wanted to put a needle in my dick so i said not into the shaft but a surface to surface would be fine. She pulled on my forskin at the base of my dick and streched it out. She quickly pushed the needle in and again it slipped between her fingers. I yelped in pain but kept it relativly quiet. She pushed it so that the tip just came out the other side a 2 or 3mm(see pic). She decided to have a little fun sp she pulled it out a little. The needle was about halfway through so it had fully penetrated the skin but the point was no longer sticking out the other side. She twisted it around and poked around with it. It was litteraly tearing up the inside of my dick but luckly not deep enough to cause heavy bleeding. I punched her in the tit and she squealed with joy. I yanked the needle out of my dick and pulled her close to me. I put it just above her tuft of hair and pushed all 2 inched of it unto her abdomen just for fun(see pic). She giggled and asked for more closer to her cunt. I pulled out the needle, spread her legs, and grabbed her right pussylip (the left outer labia) and pulled it towards me so there would be a surface large enough to easily jab the needle through. I told her to stuff the sock into her mouth so my parents wouldnt wake up becuase this would hurt like hell, not to mention the needle wasnt the sharpest there is. I put it up to the part i wanted to pierce and jabbed it in as hard as i could. She squirmed and screamed loudly. If it wasnt for the sock my parents would have woken up. Unfortunatly the needle only went in part way and the head decided to go deep into my finger. I do belive that is the first time I missed my Aunt and her needles. She took the sock out and said in a shaky voice that i should pull it out now so i did. I asked how that felt and she said that it was the worst pain she had ever felt but that she almost came from it. She said she wanted to hurt me as much as i had hurt her. There was still the needle in my sack so she pulled it halfway out so that the point was inside of my sack. I said push the needle slowly becasue i didnt want the needle deep into my nut. She pushed the needle firmly on my left nut until we both felt it burst through somthing. I was in absolute pain and extacy. She was to afraid to push it in any more so she pulled it out. At this point we had been doing stuff for about 40 min or so, so she said that it was the best feeling she had ever had but that she wanted to stop for the night. I said "ok just one last thing... ever been eaten by someone who had just had a few altoids?" She said no but that she allways wanted to be but she also didnt want to get to into it. I told her i wont have a full meal just a light snack. I muched on a few altoids while fingering her slightly bloody pussy. At that point i realised how tight she was. I could barely get 2 fingers in her. I was dieing to fuck her but like i said earlyer she had to get back downstairs to sleep in the room with my sis so my sis wouldnt suspect anything. Well i finished the altoids and pulled her up to me and put her legs over my shoulders. I pulled her closer till her pussy was right in my face and ate. I stuck my tongue into her hole quickly then circled her tiny clit with my tongue. She was moaning again so i reached up and put my fingers in her mouth to shut her up. After a few licks right on her clit she pulled my fingers out of her mouth and asked me to stop. I gave her clit one last flick with my tongue. After putting her boots back on, which took about 5 min, she said her pussy was still tingling from the mint and giggled. I thanked her for letting me stab and eat her and she said she wanted to do it again next time i came home. Now i cant wait till easter. Hopefully the professors will give us a day off even though its not an official vacation. Till then ill just keep myself happy with the pictures i took with my dads MVCD-1000 Sony digicam and listening to her read passages from American Psycho to me on the phone.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 April 2001
in Ritual

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