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Ritual Nipple Piercing experience

ual Nipple Piercing experience

From: [email protected] (Ambient Inc.) Newsgroups: rec.arts.bodyart Subject: Ritual Nipple Piercing experience Date: 19 Dec 1996 21:34:58 GMT

This past Sunday as part of the Beyond Pain weekend, there was a workshop given by Cleo Dubois entitled Sensual SM Magic and Body Ecstasy at Saw Gallery in Ottawa. The day before in the same space we had enjoyed watching "DANCES SACRED AND PROFANE" and discussing Fakir's Sun Dance ceremony, the use of other cultures' rituals as templates for ones own, the power and intimacy established, and some pitfalls of performance.

Sunday afternoon we listened to the experienced domina and SM educator talk about negotiation, parity, and her past experiences, then enjoyed a whipping demonstration, and each tried our hands at making rope harness bondage set-ups. After a break and some juice, we congregated in the saged gallery space, grounded and saged ourselves, and opened a circle, calling down the corners, with shivers running up and down my spine. With exceptional care taken to prevent cross-contmination and cleanliness (10 people went through over 100 gloves!), each person pierced themselves, then a partner. Corks, sterile rubber bands and sterilised string were attached... Some opted to go for a one-on-one experience, others joined in a mandala with a steel ring in the center, each tugging and pulling as they wanted, with a vibrator applied to the center for added sensation. I don't know how long this part lasted, but it was an amazing experience, and it took my piercers a good while to be able to come down enough from the rush to be able to pierce me, so Cleo helped keep my "high" going by flogging me.

Soon enough we were in a circle with drum music in the background, with me standing in the centre with my piercers of preference: Hound (my partner) and Anne Greenblatt. Please forgive me if I don't go into the exact technical details, because to me, that is not what was important. I can assure you, though, that 'twas done clean and safe. My nipples were cleaned then as hound reassured me and kept me focused, Anne marked my placement. Around the circle, nine friends (Leslie, Brooks, Charles, Katzen, Cleo, Sunny, Alex, Sean, Half-Mad) danced and "Ohm"ed and sang with the music as per my request: I wanted to dance, but had to hold still for the marking, so had everyone else dance for me, keeping the energy flowing and interest focussed.

Finally, we were ready. Hound and Anne clamped my nipples. At the last moment, I requested that I be able to sit, since my feet were uncomfortable, and I wasn't sure as to whether I'd be able to stand for the whole process: I was already starting to feel a lump growing in my throat, and felt my eyes misting periodically. The circle gathered around, stroking my head, holding my hands, arms, shoulders. We quieted the music so that I could hear myself breathe, and next thing I knew, twin brands were being thrust into my nipples, and were gone. I started to cry, and when asked if everything was alright, I said yes- I was just so happy in some ways. My partner and I have agreed not to have any more children, and for me this was a passage from my breeding stage to I don't know what. Part of me was desole at the idea of never having any more children, another was overjoyed at the love shared in that room. For a while a could barely look at the other participants in the eyes, since I felt as though I had been laid bare before them. Poor Hound was nervous about doing any piercing in front of Cleo, but as she said, she wasn't present to judge technique, but to participate in the vibe.

Anyhow, the jewelry quickly and smoothly followed, with a little clean-up. It seemed as though I'd been waiting for twenty-six years to do this, and it was finished all too quickly, but now I'm the proud owner of two beautiful twelve-gauge 3/4" purple titanium barbells (thank you to Tom from Stainless Studios in Toronto for such a beautiful job!) placed vertically in my nipples.

I've been doing a quick shower twice daily using Soft Soap liquid antibacterial soap for sensitive skin, but must admit, I can hardly wait to be able to take a bath in some sea-salts and lavender and ti-tree oil - but I have to wait a bit longer for my new tattoo to heal! For the first two days, my breasts swelled in odd places, and we even had some broken capillaries on one side, and blood crusting one milk duct, but the swelling went away as of day three, and so did the crusting blood. They were deliciously painful for the first night, and are now only slightly sensitive (unless of course my almost-two year old clambers up onto my chest and uses them to grab onto! Thank goodness I didn't get rings! Its been only four days, but I look forward to healthy healing, doing my "Stress Formula" vitamins everyday, getting rest, changing the sheets frequently, and whenever I have to wear a bra, wearing a cotton nursing bra with washable nursing sheilds (that way I don't have to wash by bra daily!)

Thanks Cleo for helping set the tone and keep everyone's energies working (though I don't think I'll be able to forget your accent-pronunciation of "Energie")... Thanks Anne for such a great job and daring your first Canadian winter, Katzen for starting dancing, hound for being so nervous and excited (but NOT for pinching my nipple the night after!) and everyone else for lending their energy to the circle!

I may have walked away from the whole weekend a bit in debt, but it was so worth it, I doubt I'll ever be able to forget it!

Denise Robinson, Ambient Inc. "If you're going to be a freak, you must do it with style" --- Cleo Dubois http://www.ambient.on.ca/

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on: 01 Jan. 1997
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