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Old-School diamond is a girl's best friend

Though I've been a tattoo buff for years now, I did not rush to get one on my 18th birthday like so many people do. I thought, whatever it is I get I want it to be something solid and something I will adore for life. Also, since I am on a budget, I wanted something that was good quality but also affordable; many of the tattoos I have planned out already are bigger and intricate. I decided to get an old school 3-D diamond on the front of my shoulder; a tattoo that would be my foray into old school tattoo designs (which are my favorite).

On a friday night after I'd drawn up the exact kind of diamond I wanted, along with three of my best friends, I traveled to Nemesis in Downtown Iowa City. I chose Nemesis because I'd had friends who'd gone there for tattoos and piercings and the staff always seemed really cool and their work was good.
Though I was biased towards Nemesis I thought it was a good idea to compare prices, just in case another good studio was less expensive. I planned to check Nemesis and Exile, I went to the former studio first. I wanted to spend no more than $75 and I thought that was reasonable for what I wanted (it was small and only in black).
At Nemesis, a big guy (whose name I do not know) w/ tattoos on his face told me that it'd run about $60 and they could do it that night. I was pretty pleased with the price, but I wanted to double check the other great IC studio (Exile) before I made my final decision.

We all went to Exile and I found a very attractive employee with a nose ring and Marilyn Monroe tattoo, he told me the tat would run around $75. Seeing the obvious difference in price and knowing how good both places were, even if it was only 15 bucks, I decided on Nemesis.

At around 7pm, I smoke a cigarette and entered Nemesis with my friends and said I wanted the diamond on my chest. I was introduced by a female employee to John and was told he could do it for me. John told me he could do it for $60 and add some shading to my drawing so that my tattoo wouldn't look so 2-D.
I was slightly nervous for a bit, mostly while waiting for John to finish redrawing. I never thought I would chicken out, it was more of an adrenaline "Okay, this is about to happen" kind of thing. After he traced my drawing, he said I could bring a friend (I chose my bestie Megan) and I followed him to his room.

Megan sat in the corner in a little chair, and John told me I could lay down on this leather bed/chair-thing and he would place the stencil on me for my liking. He first shaved the [hairless] area and cleaned it, stuck on the stencil, and after I gave the thumbs up he began prepping. I talked to Megan for a bit, so I could sort of calm my mini-nerves and then he said he was ready for me. John instructed me of what he'd be doing and how it'd feel, though I really wasn't worried at all. When I told him I was ready, he began doing the outline.

I am no baby to pain, so the tattooing experience was a breeze. It stung at certain points but I didn't feel too uncomfortable. I think it was helped by the fact that I carried on a conversation with Megan rather than focusing on what John was doing. Less than 20 minutes passed and it was over. John gave me the standard care instructions and bandaged me up, I paid the $60 + a $5 tip, and was on my way.

It's been almost two weeks since the tattoo and I've healed very well. The scabs have fallen off and now it's time for a little peeling. The itching was never too bad and I had no issues with infection or swelling luckily. I've been moisturizing with Cetaphil lotion, and the tattoo is looking better with everyday.

I'm in love with my diamond and it's placement. It's not a total cliche tattoo, nor is it in a cliche spot. Also, it's pretty easily hidden, you can only spot it if I'm in a tube top or a deep v-neck. I'm considering getting another one to match it, on the left side of my chest. Also, I feel like it's classic and feminine that it's a diamond but still kind of badass because it's Sailor Jerry-esque. I like that I can keep it under wraps but also show it off fairly easily if I desire. I know this is the beginning of an ink addiction!


submitted by: HairHarlot
on: 08 Dec. 2009
in Tattoos

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Artist: John
Studio: Nemesis
Location: Downtown+IC

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