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First tattoo for my sweet 16

Ever since I was 10 I had been in love with tattoos. My older brother and I used to sit together and read tattoo magazines together and I was fascinated. I had planned out 8 different tattoos that I had wanted. I kept asking my mom if I could get one and every time she would say "no not until you move out!"

My 16th birthday was coming up (October 13th) and I had carefully thought about what I wold like. So 4 months before my birthday I drew up a tattoo that had a lot of meaning to me and I showed my mom. The tattoo is a swallow and it has a treble clef in its mouth and has a banner wrapped around the bird that says "Music is the sound of peace." This tattoo suits me very well because I have been in love with music since I first started listening to Blink 182 when I was 4. My mom said she would think about it, then a week before my birthday she said I could go with my cousin for a consultation. I had looked at a few different web sites to check out different tattoo shops but I decided to go to Solitary first. Once I got there, I knew it was the right place for me!

When I got to the tattoo studio (Solitary Studios), I talked to the owner about my tattoo and she answered all my questions, gave me a price, and told me they would re draw my tattoo for me. Everyone in the studio was very nice and it was a very clean and friendly environment. Then I called my mom and she told me to go ahead and book an appointment. So I booked my appointment for the same day as my birthday. I met with the tattoo artist, Corey, who was extremely nice and had 6 years experience. He did my cousin's tattoo as well so I knew he was a great artist. I had also looked at his work on the studios web site.

As my birthday was approaching, I got sick with Swine Flu so I had to reschedule my appoint for October 21st. I was extremely mad because I was so excited for my tattoo, what a horrible let down on my sweet 16!

The 21st had finally arrived and my brother was getting his first tattoo at a studio in Keswick. I thought it was cool to have both our tattoo's done on the same day since tattoo's are what we bond over. My mom and cousin picked me up from school early and I went to get food before (as instructed by Corey) so that I wouldn't pass out.

When we got to Solitary Studios I was so excited! I was not nervous at all and didn't care about any pain I may experience. I was told that tattoo's were so painful, but I did not let it psych me out, I knew I wanted a tattoo so badly and nothing would stop me. After I got there, Corey came out and showed me his re creation of my tattoo, fixed up the little flaws about it that I didn't like, made it absolutely perfect and I was ready to get it done!

We went in to the back room and surprisingly my mom stayed to watch with my cousin. I watched Corey open up a new package of sterilized needles and he set up all his equipment, shaved the area of where I wanted my tattoo, and cleaned it while we made small talk. Corey said right when he saw my tattoo drawing, he was so excited to be the one to actually tattoo it on me because he knew it would turn out amazing. Then, he got me to stand up straight as he placed the stencil on my body. I got my tattoo on the right side of my lower back (backside of my hip). He placed it perfectly and I told him I was very happy with the positioning. So next was to sit down and get started! (I had to sit leaning over a chair in the most awkward position)

The sound of the gun caused me to get pumped up! It was like a huge adrenalin rush, I just could not control my excitement. He began with the black outlining and guess what ? I didn't even feel it! I had to ask him if he had even drawn the first line. After the first few lines were draw I could start to feel it more but it was probably the least painful part of the whole process. During the process, Corey was very talkative and joked around a lot with my mom, cousin and I which made it very relaxing environment. He told me I had perfect skin for tattoos and that he wishes he could just sit there and tattoo me all day because he loves my skin ha ha. After the outlining was done he shaded it in and then left to have a break and made me promise not to look at it in the mirror, he said he wanted it to be a surprise for me.

When he came back, he asked me to pick out the colors I wanted. I chose pink for the body, blue and green for the wings, yellow for the tips of the wings, yellow and orange for the stars, and blue for the treble clef and eye. He started with the color and I could definitely feel the difference. The only part that hurt was coloring in the tips of the wings because it hit the back of my rib cage which was a more sensitive area. The whole time I was getting it done I kept repeating over and over how excited I was. Corey told me when I walked in there the first day for my consultation, he knew he wasn't going to have a problem with me and that I'd be a good customer to tattoo. He said I was a lot tougher than half the guys he tattooed, which made me feel great!

3 hours later, my tattoo was finally finished and I jumped out of the chair to look at my new masterpiece. There was no blood at all to my surprise. I was almost in tears because it was so beautiful! I told Corey he did an amazing job and must have thanked him about 20 times because I was so happy with his work. My tattoo is the new love of my life! Corey gave me an instruction sheet on how to care for my tattoo, thoroughly explained care tips, and then my mom paid. Before we left, he told my mom to watch out for me when I'm older cause he could tell I was going to have a lot of tattoos in the future, and he was right! I'm already drawing up more tattoos for the future.

It's been a bit over a month now and my tattoo is completely healed so I will be going back to Solitary Studios to show Corey my finished results!

My first tattoo was the best experience of my life and I know I will never regret this tattoo. It was painless but definitely a rememberable day. I will have more tattoos in the future for sure, and I will definitely be going back to Corey for ALL my tattoos. He's a great artist and made me very happy with my first tattoo. I think its safe to say I had the BEST sweet 16 ever!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Dec. 2009
in Tattoos

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Artist: Corey
Studio: Solitary+Studios
Location: Oshawa%2C+ON

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