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Very First Tattoo!

I've always wanted tattoos. From a very young age, I had looked at the ones that my grandpa and uncle had, and I was absolutely fascinated by them. I was always very inquisitive about the procedure, but slightly disheartened at age six when I found out I would have to wait twelve more years before I could get one for my very own.

Fast-forward twelve years and three months, I found myself in Admiral Tattoo, a place where I had visited multiple times, twice for ear stretching that proved itself to be a little too difficult to do at home, once for a tragus piercing, once for a medusa. I didn't get my 10g septum done there, but I wish I would have, as they do absolutely wonderful work. I was going to talk with their piercer, Junior, about the year-old blowouts on my ear, and options I had for removal. A few of my friends decided to come with me, as one of them was looking to get her high nostrils done, and the other was going in for surface tragus piercings. For a while, now, I've had an image printed out that I had wanted to get tattooed, that being the wooden pitchfork from Indian Summer's album artwork. I'd taken this image into a few shops around the Capitol Hill area, but was met with pretentiousness and left feeling a little brushed off.

After I was done talking with Junior about my blowouts, and also our plan to scalpel them from 1/2" to 3/4" as to avoid thinning of my lobes and further damage while still being able to size up, I decided to talk to one of the artists in the shop. I gave him the image, he gave me the price, a very reasonable $60 considering the fact that it was not incredibly small. He took the image, got a stencil made, and was ready for me to sit down in the chair about ten minutes later after I got money out from the ATM around the corner.

Sitting down in the chair made me nervous. I'd never gotten a tattoo before. Piercings had been a breeze, with hardly any pain involved, but I was nervous, as only a few of my close friends had any professional work done, but I never really asked about the pain involved.

David placed the stencil, and it was right where I had asked. I sat down in the chair, put my arm out, and took a deep breath in. I was confident that this tattoo would turn out great, as Admiral is a really sterile and talented shop, but I wasn't nearly as confident in my ability to handle the pain. And to be honest, it hurt. More than I was expecting, even. Right as the outline was being finished, I started to feel very lightheaded, and I asked if I could take a break. My vision was getting splotchy, and I blame this on not eating much at all before I got it done. It was great though, because he didn't make me feel like a beginner, or a stupid young girl for feeling this way. Instead, he got me water and candy and let me recollect for a while. Once I was feeling better, we started again on filling it in. This didn't hurt NEARLY as bad as the outline, just felt like a cat scratch, almost. He continued to distract me by talking with me as he was doing the tattoo, and right be fore he was done, filling in near the bottom of my wrist, it got a little painful again, but it wasn't anything I couldn't handle at that point.

Once he was done, I stood up, looked, and it was exactly what I had been wanting. We got it bandaged up and I couldn't have been happier about this being my first, of hopefully many. He had followed what I'd asked out filling in perfectly, and it turned in as an all over great tattoo. We went over aftercare, 3 days with anti-bacterial soap and Aquaphor, then use non-scented lotion until healing is done, which should only take about a week. I paid him and tipped him for being such a great artist to work with, he congratulated me on making it through, and I left the shop with a refreshed view on modifications from this point on, as now I've gone through the most standard procedures of piercing and tattooing.

For anyone in the Seattle area, Admiral, all though a little out of the way in West Seattle, is a great shop. They have the skill and creativity of the big shops in the city, but lack the pretentious nature and high prices of these places. Friendly staff, clean environment, and awesome people make me want to keep coming back, as I have already planned on getting my cheeks done there, as well as ear scalpelling, and a potential tongue split!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Dec. 2009
in Tattoos

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Artist: David
Studio: Admiral+Tattoo
Location: Seattle%2C+WA

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