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Finally plucked up the courage

This story begins in 2001, I was about 16 and I really wanted a tattoo. Of course I was too young back then and compensated my urge with other piercings such as tongue and navel. For years after that I craved to get inked. This craving became more intense after watching Miami Ink, LA Ink and London Ink.

Fast forward to 2008 and again had the urge to get a tattoo. By this time I only had my navel pierced (which I'd had to get repierced again twice due to rejection). The idea I had for my tattoo was 3 stars (one for me, one for my gran and one for my mum) on the small of my back. However, still living at home with a very conservative mother and old school grandmother, I thought it would be best to ask before doing it. I asked my mum as I knew her reaction wouldn't be as bad, turns out it was a flat out no. So I left the idea for awhile.

Fast forward again to September 2009. I had been suffering from a severe bout of depression and had been through some rough times over the last few months. During this time I had also had some serious suicidal thoughts and had thought about ending it all. Luckily I had some very supportive people and managed to get through the rough patch. I had finally started feeling better and the idea of getting a tattoo again crept into my mind and wanted something to symbolise the rough times I had been through.

I came down to two designs, one was a kanji symbol for strength and the other one was a hebrew chai which symbolises life. I finally decided on the chai as I am Jewish and it relates to my heritage. I told my mother I was going to do something and that I wouldn't tell her until after I got it. She finally coaxed it out of me that I was planning to get a tattoo and surprisingly she was happy and even excited that I was getting one. She even took me down there to put down a deposit and I booked an appointment for the next Saturday at 10am (so my friends could come).

Finally the next Saturday arrived and by that time I was very excited and nervous to get it done. I left home at about 9:30 to meet up with my friend (who lives a 2 minute walk away from the studio) and were planning to meet up with 2 other friends who would meet us there. We got there a bit early and had to wait outside with these other bikie people who were getting tattooed and I nearly turned around because I was quite scared of these burly men! The shop finally opened and I met with the tattooer who showed me the design and asked if I was happy with it. She then had me stand on the tattoo bed to put the stencil on the outside of my ankle. I felt like some of the lines were a bit too thick and asked her if she could make them thinner. My two other friends still hadn't shown up and I was worried that they were going to miss out on the experience.

She then started tattooing and MAN did it hurt a lot. I tried to keep still but it was difficult not to twitch my toes. Finally my two other friends showed up and by that time I was moaning and one of them called out "don't be a wuss!". After what seemed like a few minutes it was over and I had my pretty little tattoo. I was surprised that it only took about 10 minutes to do. The tattooer told me it hurt because it was on the bone and not a fleshy area One of my friends later told me (who has a lot of tattoos) that I was very brave to get it done in such a painful area!

After wiping down the tattoo, the tattoo artist gave me some aftercare instructions and that I should wash it down with hot water after an hour and keep applying Bepathenen cream twice a day for 10 days or until it heals over and to avoid the sun, spa and shoes that will rub against it.

So now I have a tattoo. Its only been a day so far but I am absolutely loving it. I showed my mum and she is absolutely in love with it and would like to get one of her own but she is afraid of the pain. I have not shown my grandmother and am not planning to tell her unless she notices it. I am not planning to get any more but am happy that I was able to rebel somewhat from my clean cut conservative ways.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Dec. 2009
in Tattoos

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Artist: Chrissie
Studio: Acer
Location: Gold+Coast+Australia

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