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Lip tattoo from hell

I always wanted a tattoo. I didn't know where to get my first tattoo. A lot of my friends have always told me the first tattoo can always end in disaster and I would want to have it removed in a couple of years. Well one of my friends gave me the idea of getting the inside of my bottom lip tattooed. I researched it and thought about it for awhile. I never thought a tattoo on my lip would be the first one I would procure. But it was. My friend and I talked about it a couple times before, but never actually got it done.

Then randomly my friend asked me if I wanted to go. I said "sure" and we finally got in the car and drove there. There was only one tiny little problem.... I didn't know what to get tattooed. This is a major problem when you're getting a tattoo in mere hours. So I had to think quickly. She had decided on "FUCKOFF" which of course is very classy. I needed to think before I ended up with the words that I didn't want. So I finally decided on something that fits me. The words "DIPSET" would be forever inked into my lip. Why "DIPSET" that's a great question. How else could the whitest person ever get extra gangster points?! So we finally get there and are told they will call us when our tattoo artist is done with his appointment. Minutes turn to hours and were being to have second thoughts of how stupid this could be. Just as we are about to leave the phone rings "We are ready for you". No there is no turning back.

We go in to the studio and we start the paper work. You wouldn't believe how many things to have to sign just to get a small tattoo. After we finish the paper work, the artist asks us what we want tattoo. I tell him I want the words "DIPSET" and he gives me a very very funny look. The kind of look you get when you do something very stupid. He has me lie down and grasp my lip. This is it. The words of a rap group and some slang will ever be inked into my body. The nose coming from the gun makes everything worse. The needle starts to go into my lip. A mix between pain and numbness takes over. It feels like someone was taking a razor blade to my lip. This goes on for about ten minutes. It was pretty painful, but between the endorphins pumping into me and the freezing cold air condition I felt pretty good. At the same time I was thinking " man maybe I shouldn't have choose "DIPSET", oh well too late". I looked down while he was tattooing my lip and I could see a lot of blood.
This tattoo is not for the squeamish if you don't like blood, especially in your mouth. While I was getting my lip tattooed all I could think was this felt way too much like going to the dentist. And I really hate going to the dentist. But sadly I couldn't get out of the chair and reschedule. I was stuck. Then finally it is done. I remove the paper towel, which is stained with my blood and black ink. I sit up and look into the mirror. "DIPSET" in bold black letters are now painfully inked into my lip. My friend gets her lip tattooed after me. A couple of screams and shouts and she is down with hers. Two freshly tattoo lips look in the mirror. Then the idea flows through my head" Man this is probably permanent". We finally stop gazing get our stuff and we leave. We couldn't stop using our tongues to rub our lips. It felt very strange. Like touching freshly scarred tissue. And you can't stop playing with it, just like having skin or a sore in your mouth.

Being the smartest people in the world, we decided to drink alcohol right after our tattoo. Beer and freshly tattooed tissue do not mix. And I recommend one ever tries it. It's similar to pouring rubbing alcohol on an open wound. But after a few beers you don't feel anything. After a night of drunken debauchery and a sweet hang over in the morning, we check our tattoos in the mirror. My friend discovers that her tattoo is missing an "F". So now she has the words "UCK OFF" Not exactly the tattoo she wanted originally. I look in the mirror after her and I still have the words "DIPSET" on my lip. I guess I was a little bit luckier than her. While this probably wasn't the best choice for a tattoo, it was a good first tattoo. Because, nobody can really see what we got done. It has opened a gate way for me in body modification and particular tattoos. Because of this tattoo I choose my tattoos more carefully and with longer consideration. I still think it was a great experience
and wouldn't trade my rap group words for anything.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Nov. 2009
in Tattoos

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Studio: Rock-a-billy
Location: Sunrise+Florida

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