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My Beagle/Blue Girl

I knew that I wanted a creature of some sort. Unfortunately, I had no idea of what exactly. I knew that months from then I still wouldn't have a specific idea in mind. I did know a couple of things though. I knew the exact style and the tattoo artist had to have some kick ass work to show. I was tired of paying good money for poor quality tattoos.

I was on the hunt for that awesome tattoo artist. Generally, I pick my tattoo artist based on their work. Also, I ask other tattoo artists their opinion as well. I tend to go to female tattoo artists. They've always seemed "safe" to me. Plus, I'm not comfortable being with men alone that I don't know. I looked all over Virginia and some of the surrounding states. Each portfolio started to look the same as the one prior to it. No one fit the style I wanted. I had forgotten all about Heroes and Ghosts being in Carytown. One day,my brother was talking about the real estate in Carytown and mentioned Heroes and Ghosts. It got me curious about the shop. I hadn't checked them out at that point.I looked up some of the artists work from there online. I was absolutely blown away by Josh's work! It was such a unique style.I hesitated for two reasons. It was a man and no one I knew could/couldn't recommend him. I later found out later that he is well respected by his peers in the indu stry.

Josh had recently moved to Richmond,Va from Houston,Tx. I asked my tattoo artist at the time what she thought of him. She wasn't familiar with him but encouraged me to still go see him. She knew of the shop and stated that they are professional and would treat me with respect. I mentioned to her that it stated that it appeared on his myspace page that he was in a relationship. It was a bit reassuring. Of course, she laughed at me.

I made the trip to Heroes and Ghosts one evening. This did not look like a tattoo shop at all. It was a huge open space. There was a pretty wooden floor, clothes,gallery,etc.The co owner (Chris) instantly greeted me. Chris is a friendly guy that really goes out of his way to help the clients. Josh was at a convention and had taken his portfolio with him. So, Chris was showing me examples of his work on the computer. I had decided that Josh was the one for the job.

So, now it was time for the actual idea itself.Like I said, I wanted a creature of some sort but didn't know what. Chris helped but said that he would not come up with the idea. He was asking me what I like. I have an obsession with dogs (especially beagles). I've always loved the blue pin up girls that I've seen Joe Capobianco do. So, I decided to put a blue girl (not pin up) and a beagle together. The beagle was going to be modeled after my own.

Chris came over with the tracing paper. The tattoo was going to be on the inside of my forearm. Chris kept turning my arm slightly around. I kept flipping it over quickly. I am a former cutter and didn't want him to see the scars. Unfortunately, I didn't have the money to get them fixed. I don't think he did that night. I had dodged that bullet. I knew that Josh would see them though.I really wanted the tattoo but didn't want the scars seen.

Finally, Josh had made his way back to town. The drawing was all ready for me to take a look at. Josh seemed really shy. It was really cute. He seemed very humble as well. He did not come across as an arrogant tattoo artist. he seemed very down to earth. The drawing was very impressive. I was excited about getting a good,quality tattoo.

It was the day I was to get tattooed. I get nervous before each tattoo that I get. Josh met me right away and led me to his work station. It was a beautiful room. He pulled up the picture of my dog and carefully copied it. Over all, it wasn't very painful. I kept wondering if he saw the scars. However, he's such a nice, open minded person that he wouldn't of cared.I was surprised that it only took three hours.

I was very happy with it (and still am). All of them are very professional. Tommy's always at the front desk making everyone feel welcomed. The others do awesome work as well. There are always guest artists dropping in. I highly recommend Josh Richey at Heroes and Ghosts in Richmond,VA. He has been added to my list of favorite tattoo artists.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Tattoos

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Artist: Josh+Richey
Studio: Heroes+and+Ghosts
Location: Richmond%2CVA

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