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The next step to becoming the "Crazy cat lady"

I have written multiple experiences for BME over the years, and many of you know me from the IAM community. You probably know that I'm not actually 35, and please understand my womanly need not to tell my age to everyone I meet. I am legally an adult and feel older and more "crazy cat lady"-like every birthday that passes me by. I have proved my obsession with cats in many ways, the most obvious ones being my house-hold of 4 cats and two of my cats being tattooed on my upper left arm. This latest tattoo just pushes me a little more toward the title that I will honorably hold when I am old and have too many cats.
On Wednesday October the 15th (which is actually the 4th month anniversary of the death of my kitty Gizmo, who I got tattooed on my arm in memorial) I went into an old shop I have so many memories from: Danny's Ancient Art in Blacksburg Virginia. I had my septum and VCH pierced there two years ago, and I spent many hours in that shop just sitting around and chatting. The shop has changed so much; the piercer moved so now a lovely lady named Vicki (she was once the receptionist) does the piercings, and all the old tattooists have moved on to other shops. I got to talking with Vicki about a little piece I wanted done, and she told me to talk to Tivis. I had talked to him once briefly, and he did my friends beautiful chest piece, so I knew right off the bat I would love him to do my next design. The idea was simple; a few cat paws going up my breast. He printed out a picture of a cat paw print and gave me a price and we set the date- Friday October 17th. Friday came around a nd I woke up next to my boyfriend and said "I'm getting a tattoo today, want to come?" and he agreed. After a little breakfast we headed on over to the shop. When I came in Tivis was still with a costumer so I went ahead and gave my ID and cash to the new (adorable by the way) receptionist and sat down. He called me back while he was setting up the area, putting out paper towels and little caps of black ink, then setting up his tattoo machine, etc. The tattooing booths are open, no door, he pulled down a curtain so other people in the shop (especially random walk-in's) wouldn't see my breasts. I took off my top so he could place the paws on my chest, which was a little awkward with my boyfriend standing there. I let it all hang out, bra off and all, while he applied the stencil to my breast. I looked in the mirror, and then got my boyfriends thumbs up, and I assumed the position (laying) in the chair.
To better imagine this procedure you should know the placement on my breast. I wear a 34C bra, so my breasts are pretty average with very little sag. The first paw is right below my nipple and the next goes up a little more and to the side, and so on going back and forth like a cat would be walking. There is a total of 5 paw prints. When he placed the stencil on I assumed the one closest to the nipple would hurt the worst, but I was mistaken. On with the tattooing...
He started the outline, one paw at a time. Pad, then toes. The first two were like a mild irritation, not a pain or stabbing, just like a mild burning sensation. I didn't even flinch. The third one on the other hand was uncomfortable, still relatively painless compared to other tattoos I have. The last two were not as easy as the first, but they were definitely less painful than the 3rd. Then the filling started. By the time he was coloring in (or shall I say blacking-in) the paws I couldn't feel anything in that area. It felt like someone drawing on my skin with a warm marker. Back up to the 3rd I felt it, but not as strong as before, and the last two felt rather painless. While Tivis was tattooing we talked about another tattoo I want him to do (that he is really excited to do), and my boyfriend watched on, occasionally blowing kisses and making silly sexual gestures towards me to make me smile. When he was done I checked it out, got it wrapped up, put my clothes back o n and tipped him. The whole process took about 45 (from setting up to getting the tattoo covered up). I left the tattoo covered for overnight, then took a shower in the morning. I've been using a tattoo balm I received for my last tattoo, and I apply it 2-3 times a day. I haven't experienced much discomfort from it, and it seems to be healing up nicely. I'm very unsure of how it will look when my breasts sag as an old lady, but Tivis made a good point "by the time you reach that age you'll be more concerned about shitting your pants than the way your body looks". If you are ever in the Blacksburg area I recommend getting some work done by Tivis!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Oct. 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Tivis
Studio: Ancient+Art
Location: Blacksburg%2C+VA

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