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My inspiration and experience with a foot tattoo

So I have been working with Jeana at Anchor Ink to create a memorial piece for my cousin Michelle, whom we lost in may, Let me share how the idea for the piece came about, then I'll share the experience of getting tattooed. So Michelle was learning how to tattoo from her husband David, and she was awesome in everything but had a particular niche for floral work, I had decided that a bouquet of rose's would look nice on my foot, I asked her about them and decided that it would be better done in the summer after my recent trip to Las Vegas last July, and unfortunately she passed in may.

I was very close to her so I felt as though it was appropriate to get something to remember her by, but had no idea what, I was only certain that it had to include a flower. At her graveside service I looked down and noticed that one of those orange and black monarch butterfly landed in my right foot, now this may sound a tad dorky, but I am a very spiritual person and butterfly's are a sign of the holy spirit, so I believe that it was her telling me she was happy and at peace. So I figured just have the butterfly on the rose, with the banner with her name, things that will now have sentimental value to me, I can't help but smile when I see a butterfly now

Even though Jeana is a relatively new artist she is extremely talented, I have had the pleasure of knowing her and watching learn and grow in the tattooing world, I explained what I wanted, and she explained the ins and outs of a foot tattoo, but my mind was made up, and a week later I was back to see the sketch, it was perfect the only thing I changed was the colour of the rose from pink to yellow as yellow were her favorite colour of roses.

The tattoo experience was intense at times, I can say the foot is the most unpleasant spot I have had tattooed, don't get me wrong totally worth it as they all are but this one especially. So I knew I wanted to start it rather quickly before I lost my nerve, truth be told I've wanted a foot tattoo forever but have always changed my mind back and forth so many times for the tales of the pain, me personally it was painful, but not nearly as bad as I was expecting, I believe it's one of those to each their own things.

The first session was in shortly before my vacation, I do think I sat rather well before especially because I forgot my Gatorade and aspirin I take beforehand, but I did remember my candy bar for after. We were able to do the outline and colour in the leaves before I called it quits, it healed quite nicely before vacation and got some very nice complements on it.

The second session was about a month after, that morning I woke up feeling slightly off balance you know when your just starting to get sick? But I figured that I didn't have a fever and wasn't vomiting, I would be okay, it proved to be not so much, the rose is what I thought to be the most painful part of my foot to tattoo, and I once again forgot my aspirin and Gatorade. My foot was twitching, I was whiny, lightheaded, and keeped demanding that she take the needle out, and when we had finally finished with the rose I told her that we were done for the night. I felt bad afterward I'm not normally like that, but too late now right?

So last night was the last session and I was determined to finish it for a couple of reasons A) I wanted it done before it got to cold to wear flip-flops whilst it's healing and B) When I demand such short session's I'm costing my artist time and money, and personally as well I wanted to feel as though this well end the mourning process in a happy note, and as my friend Donna said "Tough it out girl, because it's such a beautiful tattoo!" I also was very prepared, I had a big lunch with lost of grains and carbs, drank Lot's of water and remembered my aspirin, Gatorade, and candy bar. It's sounds strange and as though I'm preparing for a battle more than for a tattoo, but it worked! We redid the outline, filled in the banner, added shading to the rose, butterfly and leaves, two hours later we were finished, and I have a beautiful tattoo that I can be proud of for the rest of my days.

Thank you Jeana and the Anchor Ink crew for being so patient and for my lovely tattoo.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Oct. 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Jeana
Studio: Anchor+Ink
Location: Salt+Lake+City%2C+Utah

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