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Fly wristy, fly!

I'm going to admit it, it was spur of the moment. Well it would've been on the Saturday previous when the idea to get a swallow on my wrist popped into my head. But the tattooist I went to was busy so I couldn't get it done.

Don't get me wrong, the idea of a swallow somewhere upon my person wasn't a new one, so it's not like I hadn't thought of the design before. But I'd been so preoccupied with another tattoo design that I'd never given it much thought.

I wanted an old school swallow design so on the Monday beforehand I had a look on the internet for some simple designs. I found a few and constructed my own hybrid of the ones I'd seen and liked. It wasn't great (by drawing skills are OK, but it wasn't something I'd want inked on myself forever).

OK, so the design was sorted, now to get myself an appointment. I called Studio 81 but they said they wouldn't take appointments over the phone, which I expected but thought I'd give it a try anyway. So I left it for a while as I was too busy to actually go in.

Wednesday rolled by and one of my ex-flatmates suggested a trip into Manchester for some retail therapy. So after lectures we toddled on in for some shopping. I took the design I'd drawn up with me as I planned to go into Studio 81 and see if they could fit me in that day. They couldn't but suggested that I go to The Studio across the road.

The girl behind the desk at The Studio had a look at my design and said she could fit me in in about 2 hours. So I handed over the £20 deposit and went back for more retail therapy.

Me and Kaz (previously mentioned ex-flatmate) went for some early dinner before my tattoo appointment as I hadn't eaten for some and thought it might mean I'd faint or feel sick during the process. We talked about how I was feeling and I was surprised to find I wasn't nervous in the slightest!

Quarter past 5 rolled on by and we made our way back to the Studio. I filled in the consent form and then watched as Tom, the guy who was supposed to do my tattoo originally, walked out announcing he was off home. Panic set in as I thought it meant I wouldn't get my tattoo but Claire stepped in instead.

Claire told me she'd re-draw my design as the swallow was drawn in a way that would look a little odd (I'd drawn it so it's back curved and it's tail and head pointed downwards) and also the lines on the tail would meld into a black mess as they were very fine.

She drew a very cute swallow that made mine look shameful and on we went into the room. Kaz accompanied me and seemed to be nervous for me. Claire put the transfer on my wrist and it was spot on. Dear Kaz thought that was it and the tattoo was done, haha.

We sat down and I had to bend my arm in quite an awkward way so Claire could access it. She started the process and I was prepared for it to hurt a lot but it was really nothing! My conches hurt a lot more, but of course my conches weren't a constant pain.

Overall it took about half an hour, as I was just getting the outline as I felt colours or shading would cause it to become over complicated and become some multi-coloured blob. I asked Claire about her tattoos and she told me all about getting a Medusa on her arm lasered off. The pain was fine until she went over the bone, now that hurt!!

Once it was over Claire wiped my arm and let me look in the mirror, it was amazing! I had the biggest smile on my face. Claire told me that I should buy some Bepanthen or water based moisturiser like Simple and apply it twice a day. I paid her the remaining £10 and tried giving her a tip but she wouldn't take it, saying she felt odd enough charging me £30 for it.

It's been about 27 hours since I got it done and everyone's been saying it looks really nice. It's a little painful at the moment when I move my wrist but it's nothing serious, just a slight sting. Next hurdle, telling my mum. Just sent her an e-mail and awaiting a very angry phone call. To be fair there are worse things I could do, heroin, prostitution. I think a tattoo is a minor thing really. Plus she got over the 12mm holes in my ears fast.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Oct. 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Claire%28%3F%29
Studio: The+Studio
Location: Affleck%27s+Arcade%2C+Manchester%2C+UK

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