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Ziggy stardust and my new buddha tattoo

I want to tell you a story of my latest tattoo and the peace it has bought me in my day to day life.

My love for buddhist images and statues began as early as I can remember. As a child and still to this day I have found a strange peace and calm over come me at the sight of buddha statues, and I surrounded myself with these images and seek them out at every chance.

Something about the calmness in their features and postures changed my mood instantly.

Early in life I was also drawn to many forms of body modification, from the pierced lobes I saw in buddhist imagery to the tattoos and body suspensions I read about of the lakota tribes, I felt drawn to experiment on my own body. Starting with diy cutting on my leg when I was around 13 I progressed on to tattooing symbols on both of my ankles using india ink and a sewing needle.From there I got my first tattoos with a gun and several piercings and I studied the tattoos of everyone I came across, early i was hooked.

As the years went on so did my love of body modification and I found myself deeper also into the study of buddhism. Im not going to get into a religious trip or anything, but spiritually what I came to find was that buddhism is a study of ones self.I straight away understood a connection between my spirituality and my desire to modify my body. Both were teaching me about who i am and what my body is capable of experiencing.

Last year I knew I wanted a buddha tattoo on my forearm and i knew right away where to go.I headed straight to Innervision tattoo in Sydney where I had previously been tattooed to check portfolios. Straight away I came across Chisake. Although most of her work seemed to be amazing large scale black work tribal, her black and grey work stood out to me and I knew she was the one. I showed her a statue I had bought in for reference and booked in for the following month.

When I went back to view the design I was blown away. It was to cover my forearm and join in with an existing om tattoo.

I arrived the following week to get tattooed.I had several tattoos already but this was to be my largest piece to date. She put on the Ziggy stardust album and began. It had been many years since i had listened to David Bowie so I relaxed and watched her outline my tattoo.The warm sting that followed pulsed through my forearm. I have always loved the feeling of being tattooed and watching artist work, but Chisake was amazing. I was blown away by her shading technique, and it made the close to five hour experience even more enjoyable. As she tattooed tattooed further towards my wrist the pulsing sting grew more intense. I have heard alot of people say they tune out or meditate into themselves to block out the pain, but I found myself doing the exact opposite. I was focusing on the "pain". I was concentraiting on exactly how my body felt at that exact moment in time. I wanted to feel and experience everything this tattoo had to offer.

The pulsing sting turned to ache as she began shading, a constant scraping like feeling that bought the experience I was having to a new level.I looked around the room filled with artwork, balinesse masks, tattoo designs and many buddhist and religious artifacts, mostly bought by the numerous artist on their worldly travels. The atmosphere was perfect.

I had requested that the detail in the shading bought a lifelike effect in the buddha but nothing prepared me for how detailed she got. She even got small cracks in it that were on the statue I had showed her for reference. I remember another artist even coming in to watch her work, i felt truly previleged.

When she was done I was filled with euphoria and endorphines, and so at peace with the world. Now no matter where I was I would have my buddha with me. Almost everyday I will have people stop me in the street and ask me where I had it done. It feels great to not only have my buddha with me to bring me calm and peace when I need it, but to own an amazing piece of artwork on my body.

Whenever I hear David Bowie now I remember the day I had my greatest tattoo experience. Unfortunately Chisake is traveling at the moment and I have to wait and see if she comes back to turn it into a full sleeve.Chisake if you read this please come back to sydney!!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Oct. 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Chisake
Studio: Innervision+tattoo
Location: Sydney%2C+Australia

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