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To Tattoo or Not to Tattoo - That is the Question!

So I decided to get a tattoo towards the end of my senior year of high school... My previous best friend and I (from 9th and 10th grade) were going to get matching hearts done but never did (still to this day!). A little while later I decided to look up tattoos pertaining to music (music notes, symbols, etc.) and tried (forever, it seemed!) to find one that I liked that wasn't too far out there. I found the treble clef star tattoo on google in the images section and decided it was going to be the tattoo for me.

I sent the tattoo picture around a bit to show different people and get opinions. My mother (who's also got tattoos) thought it was a fantastic idea and was totally for the design – especially since she's a musician, too! I went and printed out the tattoo the exact size I wanted it and heading out to this tattoo place with a few friends which was about 30 minutes away from where we lived at the time.

We went inside and had to wait a little while for others to get their tattoos done and, in the meantime, we browsed through some of their previous artwork for ideas or additions to our already planned tattoos. Both of my friends had ideas of what they wanted to get done and the chick I went with already had one done by this same place before a few years back and the guy wanted a basic (quite common) black celtic arm band. I watched both friends get their tattoos done which went fairly well with very minimum bleeding on both individuals. The chick I went with got the two faces (happy and sad face – I always seem to forget what it's called! - that are usually seen in drama productions) put on the back of her neck (I don't even know why as she's a drama queen but not in the arts way haha!). Her neck was REALLY red but not oozy and she barely even flinched during the whole thing (same with the guy)!

A short while later it was my turn and I handed the main guy my printed image and asked if he was able to do either that or something like it. He said it wouldn't be a problem at all and to wait a little while for him to get the scanner ready, scan the picture (well, printout, really) on the temporary tattoo paper, show it to me for confirmation and then set up to do the tattoo. I'd previously read up on the many safety tips to be sure of where you get tattoos done and to watch and make sure they sterilize their needles, etc. Luckily for them (and us, too!) they sterilized their needles and the tattoo shop was pretty clean overall. Anyhow, the head guy went and scanned the tattoo, showed it to me which I okay'd and then put the temp tattoo on to trace for the actual tattoo.

I believe it took around or less than a half an hour to do the whole thing and I'm a super pain wimp, too, haha! Anyhow, aside from the redness around the tattoo, the tattoo looked fairly decent (aside from a few small squiggles here and there) and I was quite content with my $80 purchase. Keep in mind this was September 2003...

Some time passed by and around the end of 2004 my roommate (at that time) asked me if I noticed that the damn tattoo was BACKWARDS which it ALWAYS looked fine to me (in the mirror!). Oh my gosh! - Talk about livid! So now, not only was the tattoo not 100% perfect BUT they didn't know what the hell they were doing and mirrored the damn thing! It's lucky for me, I suppose, that my name starts with an S which the treble clefs look fairly like (in script) so it's not SO bad, I guess...

I plan to eventually (some day but not sure when) get the actual correct tattoo pattern done on the other side of my back (the current one is on my right shoulder blade area) the actual or correct way so that it's literally like a mirror (or when you put a design on one piece of paper and smoosh it together to make it the same on the other side, etc.) except on the other side of my back, etc.. Hopefully when the time occurs, that one will be better than this one and I sure as hell won't be going to the same place again! I've also been thinking of getting the current tattoo touched up to perfect it to how it SHOULD be instead of how they DID it. As they say, tomorrow's another day! =)


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on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Tattoos

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