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Rib cage tattoo= P.A.I.N.

So I've been wanting a rib cage tattoo for the longest time. I have done alot of research and came to the conclusion that 99.9% of people say that it hurts like hell. So I was prepared to be a little uncomfortable. (little did I know) I have several tattoos, a big one on my lower back, on my butt, on my foot, and on my hip. I have my nipple pierced (which hurt terribly), home done nose, tounge, rook, and my upper and lower naval. So I've had some painful experiences.

After doing some design research I found a tribal wolfe design that I fell in love with instantly and I knew that's what I wanted the second I saw it. I printed it out and headed to the tattoo parlor the second I got out of work.

When I got there I talked to the receptionist who said they had a immediate opening, which happened to be with a guy that tattooed a good friend of mine several times.

He sketched it out and put it on me. The placement and sizing was perfect. Directly on my rib cage. It was about as big as my hand. Eeek! I layed down and attempted to prepare myself. The buzzing sound started and I knew it was about to begin.

The outline... hurt. Hurt like hell. Hardly bearable, but I suffered through it. The section toward the front of me seemed to hurt much worse. But like I said, it was bearable. I told him to not allow me to look at the tattoo until the outline was done, because I would keep bumming myself out that it's not even close to being done. Finally it ended. Little did I know that was the EASY part. After he was done with the outline I hopped up and smoked a cig. Probably the best ciggarette I've ever had. I dreaded going back inside but I knew if I didn't finish it now I never would come back.

I layed down and held on for dear life. He switched the needles out and told me that this part will be faster but probably a little more painful. Oh great. He began. The first minute was rather painless and I got pretty excited. That ended fast. For the next 2 hours I was in excrutiating pain. It was unberable. I was literally pulling my hair and biting my arms. If felt as if I was being carved like a pumpkin with a rusty knife. I even thought at times I thought I might throw up. I thought the best thing that could happen to me right now is that I'll pass out. No such luck. I couldn't stop moving, which is NOT the greatest idea. He told me that if i need a break at anytime to tell him. Every tattoo artist has told me this, I've never needed any sort of break. But not this time, I took about4 breaks during the coloring. He knew I was in pain. My face turned bright red and I made him turn the air conditiong on due to the fact I thought I was literally dying. No I knew I had to finish it or I'd never return. Every time he stopped I took a deep breath and braced myself for the next dagger. All I could think was that pain is only temporary and it will be over soon. Soon seemed like 15 years.

Finally just when I was literally about to scream, the buzzing stopped and he said, alright, you're all set, and your a damn trooper too. I don't think there was a happier person in the world at that moment. He wiped it down with something cold and it felt amazing. Then he had to put the bacetracine on it, which felt like he was punching my already punched ribs, almost hurt as bad as the tattoo. I was done, I hopped up and checked it out and I absolutly loved it. A little part was messed up, partly because I was jumping around and he had to make up something to fix it. But it's a tribal tattoo, so you can't tell that much.

It is now the morning after, and hurts, feels like I got in a fight and was punched in a huge cut. But I'll deal with that any day.

All in all, if you're looking to get a rib cage tattoo, good luck. It hurts, just like everyone says it does. Some more than others, and I am apparently one of them. It hurts.... bad. Was it worth it? Yea, I have a tattoo in the most painful spot to get it, it's with me for life, and it looks amazing. It was quite the experience.

Happy tattooing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Hinkle
Studio: Flats+Tattooing
Location: Groton%2C+CT

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