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My First

Well I've been waiting a long time to get a tattoo, and I decided that the right place to do this was when i just happened to be passing through Thailand on a college trip with friends. During our cross through the country I noticed many shops and so forth but none of them looked legit for what I wanted. They all seemed dedicated to tourist and the like. My idea ever since I was a kid was to get a black panther across the right lower part of my abdomen. It was intended to be an all black panther with pitch dark red eyes, and I was looking for the right shop/atmosphere that could do this properly. I would soon learn that my time and searching would pay off.

I noticed this little shack down by the river while walking down a dirt road. The place had a small tattoo sign above it, so I said what the hell and walked in to scope it out. Upon entering, I noticed that all across the walls where pictures and paintings of lion/tigers etc....and they all had the same thing in common, and its that they all flowed perfectly and didn't look like shitty drawings.

So I realized that this was the place. I was greeted by a very kind gentle man who saw the look of appreciation in my eyes and immediately asked me what I wanted. I told him exactly word for word and part by part, and the next thing I know I was on the chair about to get inked up. Now bare in my mind that this was my 1st tattoo ever, so I was relatively nervous/sacred. I told the man this and he explained to me the procedure and how it was going to be done, and how long. He was very clear and I liked that a lot, I knew that this was a man I could trust with putting something on my body for life. And the fact that he was covered with various tattoos ranging from Japanese sleeves to skulls.

He began initially with the head of the panther. It started to grow with each passing hour, and by the end of the fourth hour you could clearly see the shape. At this point we called it a day because I was pretty sore and the guy needed a break. So he patched me up and told me to return tomorrow. I left and returned to my hotel, and was greeted by my friends who asked me what happened, because they saw I was obviously trying to cover something up. I told them I fell and had a bad road rash, and they fell for it, little did they know they were going to be in for a big surprise the next day. Sleeping was a bitch but I was so anxious to finish my tat that I only got 4 hours of sleep.

Before the shop even opened I was already at the door the next day, I was greeted by the same guy. He started immediately and he began to draw the internals of the panther. The man was amazing in every detail and made it look like as I moved, it would appear as if the panther was creeping up along me. Like climbing a tree, but the tree was me in this case. The tattoo itself was kind of painful because of all the filling in and detail, but it was well worth it. The overall time it took to complete the tat was about 7 hours. The cost was about $800 and pretty cheap, because in the states the other shops quoted me about $1200.The guy did a much better job than I think anyone in the states could have done for this type of artwork.

We finished and I said goodbye, and walked off to show my friends. The first thing anyone could say was WOW. They didn't even ask why or when, but simply WOW. They were so impressed with the quality and detail of the artwork that they completely forgot to be surprised that I got a tattoo. Both my friends where appalled by the aggressiveness and sly like characteristics of the panther.

Overall my first tattoo experience is one that I will remember forever. It is probably the stepping stone for many more to come. When we returned back to the states I was greeted with many wows and ahh's. Everyone back home wanted to know when and how and who. All I told them was go to Thailand and discover your own tattoo parlor, because as u can see they do some dam good work. The guy who gave me the tattoo went by a name of Joe Armnis, but i have a feeling that was not his real name. The man was a shady character but his artwork is incredible. I want to thank him and dedicate this to him.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Joe+Armnis
Studio: River+side+Custom+studio.
Location: Thailand

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