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My fan-tastic tattoo

For a while now I've wanted a tattoo. I've doodled at school, re-drawn pictures over and over, and finally settled on a design. I decided on getting an oriental fan which has significance to me because of my past and how I've been brought up. I planned on getting the tattoo at the start of the year but I was hesitant as my parents don't want me to have one. I chose a spot on my lower back just above the back of my hip bone so that i can hide it and only show it when I want.

After procrastinating for months I decided that I would never go unless I went with someone else and was committed to getting one. I asked one of my friends who also wanted a tattoo to come with me and before I knew it we were at the tattoo shop getting quotes and making our appointments. I decided later that the design i had chosen would hurt too much for my first tattoo (it was all colored in) so I altered it slightly to have less colored bits and ended up liking that design better anyway.

Finally the day came around but I had forgotten to withdraw money! I frantically drove to the mall to get some out and stocked up on a chocolate bar and coke while i was there, then proceeded to drive to the tattoo shop. I got there ten minutes before my appointment and to my horror my friend hadn't even left home! I sat in the car nervously scoffing down chocolate and drinking coke. About five minutes before my appointment I went inside alone and had my fan redrawn by the artist since it was "too detailed" and the details were too small.

To be honest I wasn't a fan of the first drawing! I just didn't like the flowers.. they looked too.. simple. I told him I wanted more petals on it and he agreed, drawing me another picture which i was much happier with! He also showed me a fan design done by another artist which was really cool but i decided on my original design. Satisfied I got disinfected and shaved and all the other preparation things! By now my friend had arrived and was led to a separate room to get tattooed. Strangely enough she was being tattooed long before I was! At this point I was terrified!! The stencil was put on and I was happy with the placement. I lay down on the seat almost in disbelief that I was finally getting one!

The artist told me that he would tattoo a small line on me first to make sure I was fine with it, I was so glad that he did because it really calmed my nerves! I was surprised that it didn't hurt! Towards the center of my back it hurt but it was never more than a scraping feeling and wasn't unbearable at any point. It seemed to go on for ages though! Every time he stopped to wipe away the blood and started tattooing again i got a fright! It wasn't too bad though. I lay there the whole time in silence, not moving because i was convinced that moving would make it hurt more!!

After about half an hour (I'm not sure exactly how long it was) it was all done! I looked in the mirror and my artist made a funny joke which made me feel at ease "look in the mirror and tell me if I should jump out of the window or not". I was 100% satisfied!! I love it and am so glad I chose this design. I especially like it because its my own design and no one else would have it!

My artist wrapped me up and informed me on after care. I thanked him many times and was on my way. I was quite worried at first because I had to drive and was scared that I would keep rubbing it but it was fine. It still hurts when i touch it but the redness has gone down a lot. I've been putting the ointment I was given on it regularly and I hope everything will go smoothly!

I'm so happy with it and I'm ready for my next one! To anyone considering getting a tattoo I'd say just get it! If you choose a design that really means something to you you won't regret it! Don't listen to what people say about tattoos being tacky or going wrinkly and fading when you're older because it will always mean something to you.

Thanks to the team at Monique's for making this a really great experience which I'll never forget! I will definitely go back there for my next tattoo.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: +
Studio: Moniques
Location: New+Zealand

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