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RIP Dad Tattoo on Upper Arm

I want to start out telling my situation and how it lead to my beings of the tattoos I have. My father suffered a rare bone cancer, he lost a toe, another toe was partially cut, his sugar would either be to high or to low, he had cancer in the face which a piece of that was cut out as well. A week before Christmas 2007 he had a nerve cut out of his arm. The doctors also thought he was starting to get ALS which is a spinal disease cause he was having problems with his spine. He had doctor appointments one after another which was hard. He was the fun, loveable but also disciplinary when needed to be and loved the kids (my niece and nephew and baby girl cousin) My niece at the time was 2 years old, my nephew was only 5 months old and my little cousin was 6 years old. He loved working, he never stopped working. He was working in a factory, he would come home and work out in the yard til late at night. He was making planters for flowers in the yard out of drift-wood which were
beautiful, but he was selling them to make money to pick up bills. Only because he was not allowed to work and the government did not want to help us in anyway.

Until one day he come in from working in the middle of the day and he joked around. He decided to lay down cause he was tired and not feeling good. The next day I come home from work and fixed him in his chair cause he was slouching a little although he was sleeping, I got my shower and 20 minutes or so later he was gone. The paramedic's thinks he may of had an aneurysm in his sleep. In a way I think it better he did go in his sleep so he did not feel the pain but I am sure he did. You have to cherish what you have cause you never know when it will slip away. And life only gives you one Father.

The day of his funeral I jumped online and was looking for a tattoo immediately because I felt that I owed it for some reason and I wanted to keep the memories alive. I found a picture of a cross that I liked and went to Ink Attic a few days later and they edited this tattoo to make it my own and I had it done on my upper left arm to be closer to my heart. Everyone kept telling me it was going to hurt etc but it did not bother me. At the time I did not have the money for this tattoo and my boss stepped up and paid for it cause this tattoo meant everything to me.

The tattoo is a cross, with rosemary beads hanging on it, and at the end of the beads is a miniature cross. At the top is written "Daddys Girl" and on each side of the stem of the cross is his birthday and pass date. The cross itself has wings. The cross was kids of 3-d but it was edged in orange, the beads are red, the mini cross is orange and the wings are highlights blue. It is really pretty.

Ink Attic in Baltimore Maryland to me is one of the BEST tattoo shops around. I have not been to others but to me that is my number one choice and I would recommend that to EVERYONE if visiting or living in the area. I also have 3 other tattoos, so altogether I have 4 tattoos. One is done by a friend in another state and the other 3 were done at Ink Attic. The prices of tattoos are also decent, not to extravagant.

I have a "paw print" on the back of my neck done in black with a capricorn symbol in the middle. I chose that because I love dogs and I was born in December. Below that, a little between the shoulder blades is a black tribal design with 3 red stars. I chose that because it looked pretty, it was for a lower back piece but I decided to move it up between the shoulder blades where it also looks a lot better in location. On my right ankle I have a blue half moon, with 3 yellow stars and they have a goofy smile and then there is a red/orange wavy wrap going on around the moon. Last but not least, the cross on my upper left arm which was already described above.

I show my tattoo of the cross proudly no matter how much the thought of him being gone hurts. But he will never actually "be gone" cause he will ALWAYS be with me.

Sept 1961-May 2008


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Scott
Studio: Ink+Attic
Location: Baltimore%2C+Maryland+21222

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