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Love a while.

When the thought that I was going to be turning 18 hit me, I decided that I needed a tattoo very, very badly as soon as possible. I thought about many things to get, but one thing always stayed in the back of my mind, this has to be hidden. My parents are very strict, and I didn't want to get something visible.

So when it came down to it, it was a tie between 2 lyrics that I had loved for a really long time. One being from The Used(On my own, without it all I'm choking on nothing), another being from Sonny Moore(Shallow love, smut love, Our love, in my black up above). Which both mean a lot to me. I asked more than 20 people which one was better, because I wanted something that I think other people would appreciate as much as I did. Even though tattoos are for the person getting them, I think that other people enjoying them is a wonderful thing. Most people agreed that the latter one would be best.

So now I had what I was going to get. I then decided it was going to be to short and it wouldn't be impressive if it was just that. It needed more. I decided since it was about love being a sad thing, I decided I wanted hearts, that had been blown up. I told my friend about my idea, and she helped me get a basic outline for them. It were perfect. A little heart, about 1 1/2in being blown up from the side. One heart on either side of the lyric would make it perfect.

And then came the dilema, what kind of script and where to get it. I of course wanted something beautiful and flowey for the lyric. My other friend helped me with that. She gave me a ton to choose from. I chose a font called "The King and Queen". It had the perfect flowey letters and the most amazing capital O ever. It was big and has a swirl going into it. Then the placement, I decided either on my hips, or below my breasts, on my ribs. I thought that if I ever had children, that if I got it on my hips, it would stretch horribly, and if I got it on my ribs, the damage wouldn't be so bad. So I was getting it under my breasts.

I decided to go to the tattoo place a week before just in case they got booked, because a lot of places get booked weeks in advance and I didn't want to have to wait any longer than I had to. We made the appointments for a day after my birthday, since my friend was also going to get a tattoo on the same day.

Then came the day, I had invited a few people to come and watch, my closest friends, and I had them meet me at the restaurant that I work at. Of course they were late, so be basically jogged to Trust. We got there 10 minutes early. And there were other people there waiting to get tattoos too. So we all had to stand and wait for a while. One of the tattoo artist's was nice enough to get us all something to sit on in the tattooing room. Which had 3 stations set up. I got called by Nate, the guy doing my tattoo, and we decided on the size and the position. He asked me how many tattoo's I had, and I said told him none, for I had just turned 18 the day before. He laughed and said "Well, this is going to be an interesting place eh?". Then I was told to wait. Another artist came by and asked for my ID and had me do some paper work. Then we waited some more time. My friend got called in before I did to get her tattoo done, and hers was done in 15 minutes, which was a surprise. Finall y, I got called. The station I was getting mine done at was by the window, which had an iron curtain put up so you couldn't look in, and conveniently where my friends were sitting so they had perfect view of everything going down.

I then got the stencil put on and got it approved by all my friends. I lied down on the glittery squishy table. He asked me if I was sure and if I was ready. I said "Just go!" and away he went. It hurt, but not as bad as I thought it would have. It felt like thumbtacks. Being dragged across my flesh. When he got to my ribs, I felt it shake my insides, and it was weirdly calming. When he got to the center, it hurt worse than anything else,including the shadeing in the heart, which hurt less than the outline for me. I just about Cried. I was wondering why he spent so much time there, and when I looked at it it was because of my swirly O that I loved. He finished and cleaned it, then had me check it. I said it was wonderful, and he wrapped me up. He charged me $120, and since he didn't have change, I ended up giving him only $130. Even though he deserved a much larger tip.

Afterwards it didn't hurt at all, which I wasn't expecting. But I kept leaning over and slouching, and my bra kept hitting it, which made it hurt more than it should have.

It turned out to be an amazing experience, and the pain is much less than I expected.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Nate
Studio: Trust
Location: Ukiah

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