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A Star is Born - The Story of My First Tattoo

I had been wanting to get a tattoo for as long as I could remember and now I was finally 18, I was going for it!

So I went into Xanchies, a tattoo parlour near my house, and got a quote for my very first tattoo. I wanted three large stars down my back ranging from about 15 cm to 7 cm across. They told me they would so it for about $380 which I was fine with. I booked in for the following Saturday and spend the next 4 days getting more and more excited.

Saturday morning came and I woke up early and got ready to head down. When I got there, the nerves really started to hit me and I realised that I probably should have eaten breakfast. The owner was telling us a story about a girl that had passed out while getting tattooed the night before and I started to freak a little bit. I was worried I might do the same thing!

It took the artist an hour to draw up my stencil because the reference I gave them wasn't perfect and when they finally got it right they realised that my back was crooked and they had to re draw it and mess around until they lined it up properly. All the staff came in to check it and make sure it was straight. Everyone commented on how big it was, especially for a first tattoo! Then I sat down on the chair and waited for the machine to start up! When I first heard the buzzing my heart kind of jumped into my throat and I prepared myself for the first line. Then I was asked if I was ready and I mumbled "Mmmhmmm" because I was too nervous to speak.

The first line hurt more than I thought it would and I yelped a little and Jason, my tattooist just told me to suck it up and quit being a baby. Come to think of it, he said that a lot throughout the whole thing!

The outline hurt so bad and I was half tempted to leave when it was finished and come back later to get it filled in! After finished the outline, we went outside for a smoke and the cool air felt so good on my burning back. We went inside and he told me that he had a spray he could put on that would numb my back a bit so I wouldn't feel much! It stung like a bitch but it was so worth it, because I barely felt any of the colouring in!

The next step was filling in all the black lines. That took about an hour and a half and it wasn't very painful at all! Every now and then, I would start to feel it heaps and Jason would stop and spray some more of the spray stuff on my back and wait a little while for it to go numb again and then off he went again!

Once the black was finished he asked me if I was happy to continue with the red and I said "Hell Yeah!!" I wanted to get it all done in one sitting and there wasn't that much red to do anyways! So I sat for another hour while he filled in the red parts and near the very end I started to get very uncomfortable and it started to hurt so much! Jason must have told me to stop being such a girl so many times cause I was whimpering and complaining every two seconds! I was holding my boyfriend's hand so tight he almost yelped!

When Jason was finally done I was so happy! My tattoo looked great, and I got through 4 long hours of tattooing! Jason and his wife told me I sat like a pro and they were surprised that I took it so well and got through the whole thing!

Sleeping that night was horrible, I couldn't sleep on my back cause it hurt to much. I couldn't sleep on my stomach cause my back was sticking to the sheets. So I had no choice but to sleep on my side which was very uncomfortable!

Its been three days and its starting to scab up a bit and it doesn't hurt too much anymore! I have been cleaning it everyday, and putting Bepanthen cream on it. In two weeks I have to got back and get it checked out and touched up if need be! My boyfriend saw how well I took it, and how good the artist was, and he has decided to go and get a tattoo done there as well when I go to get mine touched up, and believe it or not, so is my mother!

I am so proud of my tattoo and I'm already planning my next one!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Tattoos

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