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All Aboard

I'd be lying if I said I put a lot of time and thought into this tattoo, well tattoos technically. Less than a week after getting my third tattoo which I got on my ankle at a different studio, I decided I wanted something else. Of course everyone told me to wait and to give it more time and so on because 3 tattoos in 1 week would be too much. Yeah I didn't really see it like that so I called up Sonics and checked to make sure that they take walk ins. I sorted all my questions out on the phone and planned a day to go in.

When I went in I figured that they would have a ton of flash and I could find what I was looking for there and just modify it to my liking. It wasn't as easy as I thought and I was told that I probably should've brought a picture. After looking at the wall for awhile I found an anchor that I liked but I modified it to suit me more. Tony went to the back to set everything up and do the stencil.

Everything in this studio is extremely well laid out. It was my first time there and it had been recommended to me by a friend. I've mainly stuck to one place for my modifications so this was a change for me but I felt totally comfortable and at ease. The place is really well lit and everything is tidy and immaculate as it should be.

I was getting an anchor on each side of my lower back which I figured wouldn't hurt because the middle of my lower back was done when I was 16 and it was amazingly easy. Finally when he was ready I went to the back and picked out the color of pink that I wanted incorporated into it and laid down on the chair. Now of course there's the "test line" which I've never understood because once you've got that on you, are you really going to stop there?

So the first few seconds were alright and then after that it was all I could do to fight back tears. I've got 3 others but this one was no walk in the park and it made it worse knowing the other side had to be done. The outline by far was the worst, I kept holding my breath and when I would see little sparkles I remembered to breathe. I'd like to make a note here, do not hold you breath because you will more than likely pass out and it is by far a stupid thing to do.

After the first one we took a break because Tony wanted to go have a smoke. So I lay there patiently with my one side all hot and throbbing and I can't say I was happy to see him when he came back in. He started on the other side which happened to feel like it hurt more. It probably didn't and it just felt that way because it was the outline. But he told me that most people say one side hurts more than the other and he wasn't sure why. He told me maybe it has to do with being right handed or left handed. I'm right handed and the right side seemed to hurt much more.

When he was done after what seemed like an eternity he gave me a mirror to look and I stood up and looked in the full length mirror. I loved them and the placement and colors were absolutely perfect. He bandaged me up and told me to leave them on for 6 hours and to follow proper aftercare. Now when I was told to keep it on for that amount of time I should've listened. I went out that night and before I had the bandage on for the proper length of time I gave my friend a peek at it and the bandage tape had lost its stickyness so I just removed it alltogether and the result of that was a lot of scabbing which luckily did not affect the appearance of the tattoos.

They itched for days after and they were insanely dry no matter how much Tattoo Goo I applied. But I kept at it and followed the after care completely and they healed great!

I recommend both this artist and this studio but as for the tattoo placement I suppose it depends on your pain tolerance but for me personally this was the most difficult modification pain wise that I have had to date! I'm sure future mods will make this one seem like nothing though. Overall great experience, I have been back to this studio since and have had yet another great mod from them!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Sept. 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Tony
Studio: Sonics
Location: St.+Catharines%2C+ON

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