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tattoo correction

I had previously gotten a tattoo on the inside of my forearm below the elbow in 2001. It was the lettering for light and life in greek (zoh pos) intersecting and it was done VERY poorly. The inking of the letters was godawful, crooked, uneven, shakey, not filled in well, et cetera...and when I said something about it the artist went back through and just dug it in deaeper. It scarred like you wouldn't believe. I had big raised scars and the ink was completly uneven in shade. It was a ridiculously bad tattoo. I had gotten another tattoo there previously (finest lines in cleveland ohio) with good results which is why I had gone there. (My mom got a tattoo at the same time with a different artist and got an infection! so the entire place was just shitty not my artist or just my individual tattoo)

So anyways I lived with this nasty tattoo in a very visible spot for years. I decided I really did not want a coverup because the tattoo was very meaningful to me. It's an early Christian symbol and was even I tattooed on Roman Christians back when Christianity was still considered a subversive cult in Rome. (I was a Classics student in college btw so that is why I know this obscure knowledge.) My keloids had gone down considerably so I went in and had them look at it and discussed what I wanted to do which was put a picture behind the lettering and redo the lettering.

I got this as a 26th birthday pressent. Every year around my birthday my rosebush in my back yard just EXPLODES with roses. There will always be one or two the day before and then every year on my birthday we look outside and there are dozens so I decided on a rose. I picked one out of the flash and asked that it be coloured like the way another was coloured on a different flash, dark pink with a lil purple and shaded not coloured in solid.

I decided to go to goodfellas because the piercers at my old piercing place work there now so I figured they were probably good. I went there earlier and checked the place out very thoroughly...I am really careful every since my bad tat experience. The artist got me prepaired and placed the transfer on my skin...but I didn't like it so they washed it off and placed it again. I thought it was a little crooked which I know is a weird thing to say about a circular design like a rose but I did. He started by doing all the outlineing and then redid the lettering on my aarm. The lettering was made as uniform as possible (it was kind of hard because the H was so much bigger) and although it didn't accept the ink as solidly as the rest of the tattoo he made the scar tissue look MUCH better. He then coloured in the rose and then after he was done he asked how i felt about adding some light blue shadeing around the outside of the rose. He said since I am very fair skinned he thought it would make the design 'pop' a little more. I was hesistant but I figurd oh why the fuck not? there's no way it will look worse than when it came in.

So he added the blue shading around each petal on the outside and I really liked it. It did make the rose stand out more against my skin and it looks awesome. I didn't say why I picked a rose so I was kinda shocked that of all the colours he picked light blue. In addition to the roses that bloom on my birthday I also wanted a rose because they are associated with Mary and I associate a lot with mary...who's colours are light blue and pink. So it was kinda random and cool that he said that. I felt like it was probably meant to be and I guess it was!

At the same time the also coloured in another tattoo I have on my wrist of two orange lady bugs. it's a cute little tattoo but every 3 years or so all the orange colour drains out and I need it reinked that's a pain in the ass I tell yah! But it was nice they did it for free along with my other tattoo I got there that day :)

All in all I really reccomend goodfellas. It is hard to find a place that will work on a bad tattoo like mine or a place that will actually do a good job with it. My rose looks awesome and it looks so much nicer than when I just had the lettering there to begin with. I initially just got the lettering by itself because I thought htat would make it stand out more but it really stands our a LOT more with the colourful flower behind it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Tattoos

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Studio: goodfelas
Location: north+ridgeville%2C+oh

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