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My first tattoo

I've wanted a tattoo for about a year but didn't want to rush into anything as obviously you're stuck with it for life unless you want to go through a lengthy and costly laser removal procedure. So, firstly I decided on the design. I wanted the word 'spero' which is Latin for hope on the inside of my wrist. The word was symbolic as it links to my nan who gave me the hope to carry on going through tough times in my life, as well as being right next to the large vein on your wrist which relates to my nan being my life line and not being able to cope without her. I was really happy with what I'd decided as it was personal to me, I've never really told anyone the story behind it but yet people can still appreciate the tattoo itself. But, as I've already said, I wanted to wait and see if I really did love the design before going ahead and having it done.

Oh and another important thing about me, although I constantly want tattoos/piercings, I have specific days when I wake up and am completely obsessed with them. I spend hours on forums and just completely crave whichever specific body mod I want most at that time. So, fast forward about a year since I had the specific idea for the tattoo and I was having one of those days. I was in town with my boyfriend before one of my A-Level exams and decided to go up to one of the most reputable and best tattoo places in my local area to price it up. I was told that the design I wanted would be £30 which I felt was a reasonable price for it, I then walked down towards my school ready for my exam and deliberated whether to get the tattoo done that day or to wait. I finally decided to get it done that day and so my boyfriend went to ask if they'd be able to fit me in whilst I took my exam.

Unfortunately, my boyfriend told me after my exam that they were extremely busy that day so there was no chance I could get it done, so I went to the shop and booked an appointment for the following Tuesday at 4pm, I had to pay a £20 deposit which I didn't mind because it meant that I had only got to pay £10 on the day. I then returned home buzzing with the idea that in five days I would have my first tattoo. I literally thought about nothing else for that week and was completely over-excited. On the day itself I met up with my boyfriend just before the tat and he tried to convince me it was going to be extremely painful. He said afterwards it was his method to try and scare me so much that I got in there and thought 'this isn't too bad.' Nervous thoughts were creeping into my mind so I mentioned to the women in the shop what my boyfriend had said and they were all very friendly, re-assuring me whilst jokingly telling him off for making me nervous. They took me straight throu gh after confirming what I wanted, I asked them to change it as I didn't want the 's' to be capitalised which they were more than happy to do.

There was already someone else in there lying on the bed being tattooed so I sat on a chair with my arm outstretched on a sterilised arm rest. The woman apologised as she had forgotten to set everything up for me, but that was actually a bonus for me as I saw her open all the packages up and thus was able to see that everything was clean and sanitised. She chatted away to me as she prepared which put me at ease, she also likened getting a tattoo to biting your nails down to the quick and it stinging but not being unbearable. At first she didn't position the transfer exactly where I wanted it so I asked her to move it which she gladly did and then was I was completely happy she asked me if I was ready and I said yes so she began.

The pain was very limited, I think I was so excited by this point I didn't care how much it hurt! The 'e' hurt more than anything else, which I assume must be because it's near to a nerve or something but overall I was fine with the pain level. It was all over in around five minutes, mine being finished co-incided with the other customer getting up so he asked to see it and commented that it was really nice. She wrapped clingfilm around my wrist and then we went out to the main shop to see my boyfriend anxiously waiting to see if I'd cried or passed out!

It felt slightly sore for the rest of the day but healed very well overall, I used Bepanthenam cream as I had been advised to by Underground. I'm completely happy with how it turned out and everyone has commented about how nice it is, I'm going back to Underground for my second tattoo and will definitely request the same lady as she was lovely, all in all a very positive experience and I still smile every time I look at my wrist!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Jacqui
Studio: Underground
Location: West+Midlands%2C+UK.

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