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Laser Tattoo Removal

I never thought I would end up getting laser removal ever...but its looks like I have!

About a year ago I got a piece done on my wrist which at the time I really liked and don't get me wrong I still do. It's not an amazing piece just a bit of script on my wrist with my initials which was done in black ink.

Two months ago I had a piece done on my forearm by Pawel in Tattoo UK. It was a tattoo I had done for my sister of theatre masks and some roses and I was so impressed with his work, it looks amazing. But after he had finished it I couldn't help but think that it didn't look complete to me because of the script on my wrist. So yesterday I thought I would go down to the tattoo shop and see if he could cover up my initials on my wrist with another rose. Before I went down I knew he probably wouldn't be able to because it was in black ink, but I went anyway to see what he could do for me.

I woke up quite early and had some breakfast and my friend gave me a call saying he wanted to pop down to the shop as well to sort out his next tattoo. He said he would give me a lift down and I could have a chat with Pawel. When I got to the shop I went and spoke to Pawel about my wrist and he said there wasn't a way he could just cover it up because it is too dark (as I expected). I knew they did laser tattoo removal in the shop and asked if I did that would he be able to tattoo over it. He said that he would be able to, but I would have to do about six sessions of laser removal before it would be faded enough for him to be able to do a cover up.

I went and spoke to Terry who does the laser removal while my friend chatted to Pawel about his tattoo. Terry took a look at the area he was going to be working on and said he could fit me in today. I was excited to get it started so I could finish my forearm. Then he explained all about how the laser removal worked and asked if it was what I defiantly wanted to go for. He told me I would only have to wait about 20 minutes, it would cost £50 a session and I would need about 6+ sessions for it to be ready for a cover up. I took a seat and waited while he did a tattoo on a girl's foot and then he went to set up the machine in the room out the back.

He came back into the front of the shop, made me fill out the form and explained everything to me one more time. Then he led me to the back of the shop and into the room with the laser machine. I sat down and put my arm on the arm rest whilst he took another look at my wrist. Then he took some water (I think it was water) on a cloth and wiped over the area while we continued with some small talk. Terry then pressed a few buttons on the machine and handed me some glasses which were huge, he also put a pair on himself. He explained to me not to take them off whatever happened and put some more water on my wrist. Terry asked if I was ready and it begun. Too be honest I had heard about laser removal and how it can be very painful but I didn't find it too bad. It felt like really bad pins and needles and someone stabbing with a hot needle at the same time. Of course it was worse than getting the tattoo but what can you expect. He did a few lines of the script and asked if it hurt. I said it didn't and he carried on until he was done. We kept up the small talk while he worked and chatted for a bit after. Terry also showed me his newest tattoo which looked amazing on the back of his calf. We headed back to the front of the shop and I said my thanks to Terry and paid him while I watched a very nervous girl getting tattooed by Pawel. I told Terry I would pop in soon and book my next session.

Well that was all yesterday and I can see where my wrist has faded a bit in some places. All together I didn't find my experience too painful. I found that Terry was very helpful about explaining everything and I would recommend him to anyone that was going to go through with this procedure. I still have a long way to go with the removal, but it will be worth it in the end when my forearm is finished!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Terry
Studio: Tattoo+UK
Location: Rayners+Lane

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