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First tattoo.

My first experience of getting tattooed was extremely pleasant and not as painful as I had anticipated. I have loved tattoos and body mod in general since I was a child and after having my septum, both nostrils, 4 surface piercings, multiple ear piercings, my lip, my tongue and navel pierced, I decided that it was time to move on to ink so on turning 18 I was thrilled to finally get my first tattoo.

Having had years to think and plan what I wanted tattooed the decision processes wasn't as lengthily as I had thought. I decided to have an old school style black and gray anchor, with a chain and banner saying "hope" {for obvious reasons}in scroll writing.

I wanted the anchor as for me it symbolizes standing your ground, and that is very important for me.

I did a lot of research on anchors, and found that i liked aspects of quite a few designs, but not a complete one. So I printed photos of the designs I liked, and took them to a local tattoo artist, who was more than happy to design an anchor including the elements of the designs I liked. Perfect!

I went back to the studio a week later and I saw the design, and was thrilled with it, however i felt that the waves around the bottom of the design looked a bit clutterd, and so the artist removed them.

We decided that the tattoo should be placed on the front of my foot, so the skin was cleaned and shaved too make sure no fine hairs would get in the way, then the stencil was applied, and re applied, and re applied again until placement was perfect! The artist explained that this is often the most important stage as once the stencil starts getting inked, there's no turning back.

Now for the 'painful' part. My tattoo is about 4 inches long and around 3 inches wide {at the widest part of the anchor},and took around 50 minutes, from start to finish, so I'd say around half an hour of that time was actual tattooing time. The pain was very bare able and after a while began to feel like a numb vibrating feeling. A lot of people find that feet are very sensitive areas to be tattooed, and it wasn't entirely painless, but it definitely didn't hurt as much as I anticipated!!! I was expecting to feel dizzy / slightly nauseated. However, all I felt was an adrenalin rush.

The tattoo artist that i worked with was extremely friendly and put a lot of effort into making me feel as comfortable as possible. I felt very relaxed and as if i'd made a friend by the time my tattoo had been finished. I was thrilled at the professional input every member of staff put in to creating my design.

I was very very very pleased with the result! a perfectly shaded black and grey anchor, with withe highlights and perfect scroll writing in the banner, and an extremely detailed chain!

The tattoo artist wiped away excess ink and blood with some kitchen towel and then taped some cling film over my new tattoo, and told me I needed to keep away from baths, keep my showers short, apply nappy rash cream to my tattoo roughly 3 times a day, and most importantly LEAVE IT ALONE. He also advised that I chose my foot wear wisely, because of the positioning of my tattoo.

He warned that picking scabs can result in tattoo's not healing properly, and ending up looking "patchy". So the rules were simple really, all i had to do was leave it be, apply cream daily anddddd not spend too long in the shower! great!

I followed his advice, rigidly for the next week or so.The first night i found it more comfortable to sleep with my foot outside of the duvet, as it was very sore. For around four days my tattoo felt like sunburn, sore to the touch, and looked quite swollen.Then it began to itch and I found it almost impossible not to scratch, however I managed to resist! Then the scabs started to fall off naturally, I was quite shocked at how quickly my tattoo healed! But found it very hard to resist the itch!

Now, 6 months on, my tattoo has healed perfectly, without a hint of swelling or redness or scab! It's perfect. Everything i'd visioned, and anyone who sees it comments on how unique the design is. I know i made the right decision and know I will never regret my Tattoo.

After my first tattoo healed, I decided I wanted more, and after managing to scrape together enough funds, I went back to the same studio to get my left sleeve started! I can safely say I am, ADDICTED!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 July 2008
in Tattoos

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