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My Granny Ink

I had this tattoo planned out for about a month or so but I knew that the studio was probably booked like crazy. I booked it near the end of May and was able to get an appointment for July 4th. I made sure as soon as I found out the date, to request that day off from work far ahead of time so when the time comes they couldn't hassle me about not giving them enough notification.

I really cannot draw anything decent to save my life so I looked around on Google and Google images for an idea of what I wanted. K ind of frustrating at first because I could see in my head how I wanted it but I wasn't really finding anything ideal with my searches. I finally found several images that I wanted to sort of be meshed together to create what I wanted.

I printed them out and sketched them together showing how I wanted them to work together. I was getting a ball of yarn with a banner over top that was to read Granny. I have been trying to convince my 67 year old granny for the longest time to come with me and actually get tattooed but she doesn't have her ears pierced and was totally not feeling it.

When the time came she gave me excuses of her medical problems and her being on a blood thinner makes it so she bleeds easily and then she won't stop bleeding. So being that those were really good reasons I asked her if she would at least consider coming with me to get mine done. I assured her that they would have a comfy chair for her to sit in and that she didn't have to watch if she didn't want to. She could just talk to me and keep me company so I wouldn't doze off or get bored.

That was good enough for her especially once she found out what I was getting. She's an avid knitter and crocheter so that was the reason behind the ball of yarn but I wasn't quite sure what color to get it. I asked her what her absolute favorite color was and she replied with what I thought she was going to say and said Blue. I'm not a huge fan of the color but it was important that this tattoo was personal so we agreed on the color.

We got to the shop a little early because she wanted to make sure we could find a close place to park so she wouldn't have any troubles with walking. We ended up getting a spot right in front of the shop which is pretty rare yet really convenient. We met up with Maggie and I gave her the pictures and talked about what I wanted and that I wanted it on my ankle.

The next 30 minutes or so were spent just looking at flash to pass the time. After awhile she called me back and we went to the back to get situated. As always everything was sparkling clean and professional. My granny had a seat at the side and had a look on her face that was a cross between being intrigued yet worried. As soon as the needle started up she began to chatter away but would stop every once in awhile and just stare.

She stared at my leg, asked if it hurt and looked overall curious and entertained. She made sure I heard her the multiple time she told me how "neat" it was and really voiced her approval on how it was turning out. Maggie asked if I needed any breaks and if I did that I should let her know. I had breaks with my last ankle tattoo but I figured I was going to just tough it out for this one and not bother. That ended up working out totally fine and I was able to just keep chatting away and yawning here and there. We were there for around an hour and a half and it turned out way better than expected. I mean don't get me wrong I had another tattoo done by Maggie before but I had an idea of how this one was going to turn out and this by far exceeded what I had in mind.

The shading especially is brilliant and really brings everything all together. The blue ink is stunning and I'm in love with it. She wrapped me up and gave me my after care ointment with basic instructions and sent me on my way. So far it's healing pretty well.. a little scabby and more sore than my other ones have been but thats to be expected because it's slightly bigger. I would recommend Maggie and anyone at Studio 123 for work because they always do an amazing job!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 July 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Maggie
Studio: Studio+123
Location: St.+Catharines%2C+ON

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