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Bad Tattoo

Currently I have got 11 tattoos, however, when I was starting out at 18 years of age I really messed up. I seen a cross which I thought was really nice for years which I decided to get tattooed on my upper arm. Traditionally this should have started high up my upper arm, almost at the shoulder. I and one of my mates decided to go to Dublin, to some tattoo studio in Temple Bar, a popular area in Dublin. The studio was located at the back of a sex shop. I and my mate went into this Kip, and had a look around and low and behold my beloved cross was present in the portfolios. I was given a price of 120 Irish pounds which is about 150 Euros or the equivalent to 220 Dollars. However, we were told that the tattoo artist who owned the place was booked out for two weeks, but told by the person we were dealing with that he would do it. This guy did not even have a tattoo himself; never trust a tattoo artist without any tattoos. Anyways, instead of running for the hills or simple going
to one of the other many tattoo studios in Dublin we decided, quite stupidly to allow this ink free tattoo guy to tattoo us.

Firstly I sat down to get my one done and when the tattoo stencil was applied I was asked to look at it in the mirror, which in opinion looked very good. However, upon sitting down to get it done I noticed that it didn't look right, and I said I wanted it took off and reapplied before the inking began. This was done three times in total. Each time I asked my friend and the non-inked freak did it look ok and both said it looked fine. But, what was wrong with me? Well that was something I did not find out for two days. Yes you've guessed it; I got it done because two people had told me it was on properly. But what was wrong. I realised two days later that the reason why the tattoo was looking weird to me was because when I showed the other two the tattoo, I held my arm out in an extended fashion. However, when I sat down the tattoo artist got me to bend my arm, in which case the tattoo was bending in different ways. The tattoo was a complete mess when I bent my arm. Why? Like I said, it should have started higher up my arm. As I have got older, I was 18 then, the bicep got bigger which pulled one part of the cross further from the other, and you get my point. After three or four years I decided to add tattoos on to it to try and make it into a memorial tattoo which unfortunately did nothing for the bending problem.

Then a year later I decided, well I like a fool let my tattoo artist (new one by the way) decide to cover the cross over with a larger tribal cross which he drew free hand on me. Much to my dismay, I absolutely hate the thing. But what can I do, I'm a student and have never really thought I could afford laser removal. But it's my only option; the cover up is not an option anymore. So what did I do? Well, I recently, yesterday went for a consultation for laser tattoo removal to see was it possible to get it removed and get a new tattoo in its place. She said yes, so now I can't wait till it's gone. But there had to be a problem. I checked out the internet and seen all these prices, such as 150 (220 dollars) euro for a large tattoo per session and thought, yes I can afford that every month to get rid of this. But what price was I given, 750 euro a session, yes you read it right. That's more than half my wages a month. How many sessions will I need, it's going to cost a fortune. But what can I do eh. Well, I have no choice really. I am going to get a Maori tattoo in its place when it's gone, but with a bit of look I'll win the lotto. No seriously, I will try and see a new tattoo artist whom I trust, I have one in mind who is meant to be the best in Ireland and I'll see about leaving some ink on my arm which will save me money for the laser treatment.

I remember seeing a deadly (awesome) Maori tattoo design on the web over two years ago which at that time I thought "I wish I could get that on my arm, but oh no, you have no space for it as I had two big tattoos on either side of my upper arm". Well hopefully I can find it again and be rid of my current tattoo.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 June 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Dont+know+his+name
Studio: Tattoo+studio+in+Temple+Bar
Location: Dublin

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