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How easily you're perception can be changed....

Let me start off by saying that three years or four ago, I absolutely hated tattoos and piercings. I'd look at a person and cringe if I saw and tattoo and say biting, sarcastic things in my head if I saw people with multiple body art. That was then at sixteen or seventeen.

When I was eighteen I read a book called Kushiel's Dart where the main character has a very distinctive tattoo (called a marque in the books) that spans from the base of her spine to the nape of her neck I fell in love with. I began doodling my own marque that starts off with a lower back tattoo soon after finishing the 3rd book just for fun, never thinking of actually getting it done and just carried it around in my wallet for a year. My seven year old niece at the time found it and said I should get it as a tattoo. I ignored her then, but later told my best friend who'd lent me the books what my niece said. She agreed and said she wanted me to draw her one also.

Soon after we both had what we wanted, we began researching tattoo shops. Call me picky, but I'd seen the work that local artists did in the area and I was not impressed. I wanted the best shop in Georgia so that's what I typed in on Google (creative, aren't I?) and immediately popped up the link for All Or Nothing Tattoo in Smyrna, Ga which was 30 mins from my house. I was excited that I knew the area and was even happier to see the awesome portfolio and the awards the shop had won.

The next week my friend and I drove out there to check out the shop and make our deposits. Now let me say that my friend and I are like the black Dumb and Dumber, Lavern and Shirley and the Three Stooges put together. We are a sight to behold, even more so when we are nervous. We walked into the shop arms linked together and began talking to the guy at the desk and showed him our ideas, mine being 2 dragons and 4 lotuses on the lower back. He looked at us very funny for one, my friend looks 12 (she gets carded all the time) and myself which is carrying a pink stuffed cat from build-a-bear and wearing pink kitty ears and a tail.

He takes the designs and comments on them being large for our first tattoos and takes our deposits saying that we can both come in Oct. 1st, never mind that this is June. We both leave kind of disappointed but spend the next four months waiting anxiously. Finally Oct gets here and our appointments are at noon, but we get there at eleven just for the hell of it. They take my friend in early who is getting half of her "marque" done and begins preparations. When my turn comes and they ask for my I.D., I begin to freak out because as I look through my wallet I can't find it! I go back to the car and nearly empty everything out but its not there either.

The guys at the shop see that I'm heartbroken (I have tears running down my face) but they say they can't bend the rules but they can put me down for Jan 19. I understand and I sit and watch my friend get hers, happy about the date because it's my boyfriend's birthday. Three hours later, she finishes with half of her upper back tattooed and we leave. It's bittersweet.

Months of waiting and Jan 19th comes around. Being in ATL, the winters are mild and it never snows. But on that day, I wake up to a blizzard. I began freaking out and I call my boyfriend screeching that fate hates me. He says to calm down and we'll still go to the shop. I hang up with a semblance of calm, but two minutes later the shop calls me saying that they are going to close for the weather but I can come in the 30th. I call my friend and boyfriend to tell them what happened. I hang up and curse out the weather. Two hours later the snow stops, melts and the temperature rises to 60. I hate the weather.....

On the 30th, things bode clear. I'm skeptical. I'm skeptical in the car during the ride, when we get to the shop, when I give my I.D and sign the consent. I'm skeptical when my artist, JRanno tells me to come to the back. I'm skeptical as he sets up the ink, shaves my back and puts the transfer on. I'm skeptical as I check the placement and fall in love. I'm skeptical as I sit in the chair and hear him turn on the machine. I'm skeptical....God that feels weird! Wait, he's working!!!!

For the first hour of my tattoo I'm in wonderland, grinning hard and watching the movie American Gangster on his laptop. Then my boyfriend shows up and the pain starts. It not crying pain, it's "I want to turn around and beat the fool who's digging into my skin" pain. I begin shooting my boyfriend evil looks and resting my head on the chair. That doesn't help so I put in my headphones and blast every rock song on my mp3 player and send random text messages to everyone in my phone....aaaahhhh.....after about four cycles of that he finishes and lets me look.

I love it! All the months of waiting and the aggravation of the pain pays off in the first instant of seeing my tattoo in the mirror. There's something awesome about seeing your idea transferred onto your skin. He went over aftercare instructions very well and even let me stay in his booth to watch the rest of the movie!

It's been three months and ever since I've been planning on new tattoos and piercings to get. I've been hooked by the body mod bug and I don't plan on recovering soon.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 May 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: JRanno
Studio: All+Or+Nothing+Tattoo+Studio
Location: Atlanta%2C+Ga

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