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My very first Tattoo

I'm a really big fan of body modification, usually if I'm not here on BME reading stories and experiences, I'm daydreaming of my mods to come (usually piercings) I'm not a stranger to modification, I have 11 piercings, including two cartilage, six lobe, industrial and snakebites.I really like tattoos as well, yet strangely up until two weeks ago, I'd never gotten one, or even REALLY considered getting one, even though I've had a fair few chances.

I had thought about getting a tattoo, I knew I wanted one, and to an extent I knew what I wanted. But I say I never really considered getting a tattoo because I always put piercings before tattoo's, and whilst I still had a long list of piercings, a tattoo was kind of out of the question. I still have a long list of wanted piercings, but I went ahead and got myself a tattoo anyways, so this is the story!

I always new I wanted a tattoo of a red star, and although the design has changed slightly from the very first drawings on a scrap piece of paper, thats what I got- a small red star on my wrist. You may call me cliche' and unoriginal, you may stereotype me for the type of tattoo that I've got- but the reasons behind the star are my own, so please, hold your judgments. Anyway, I'm not entirely sure what It was that made me change my mind on the tattoo front, I'm not sure what made me stop and consider that It was time for a tattoo, maybe It was an epiphany- who knows?

Anyway, once I decided that It was "the time" I did a bit of research on the internet and came across a studio called Banana's in Basildon. It sounded quite good, and I remembered someone telling me that they'd had a positive experience there, so I decided that that was the place to go. My boyfriend, who was buying me the tattoo, phoned up Banana's and booked the appointment for a weeks time, giving me plenty of time to research tattoos and feel throughly nervous! Of course I never actually researched tattoos- I was always waylaid by stories of piercings whenever I tried to do my research!

So a week came and went, and on Tuesday morning me and my boyfriend got on the bus to Basildon. It was an hours journey! So I had a lot of time to think, which wasn't necessarily the best thing for me to be doing. You must remember that I had no previous experience with tattoos so I really didn't know what to expect. On the bus journey to Basildon, my boyfriend realised that he didn't have enough money for the three red stars I had wanted, so we both decided I would just get one red star on my wrist- This actually relieved me somewhat!

We arrived at Basildon and had a look around, then went for a buffet in Pizza hut- which was very tasty =) After that we decided to go and check out the studio because even though I still had a whole two hours to go before my appointment, I wanted to see the studio and feel comfortable with it. At first we didn't know where the studio was, but after a phone check, we realized that It was in the shopping center (which to be fair is a bit...well, not that great) So, we were a bit like "oh no!" and we started talking about the other options. In the end we realized we were being a bit snobby, which we had a laugh about and decided to actually have a look at the studio before we judged.

We had a look, and although Banana's was very small, It was extremely clean, and had a disinfectant smell which was strangely comforting. The guys there seemed really friendly and said that If we came back in half an hour we could get an earlier appointment. So off we went to waste some time and get hassled by some chavvy girls. Then It was back to the studio.

At the studio I flicked through some books of tattoo designs out of curiosity, then went and got a fizzy drink at the advice of the friendly tattoo guy.

When we came back, I discussed with the tattooist what I wanted, where I wanted, how painful It would be etc, and he reassured me and told me what I needed to know. He was really friendly and put me at ease, so although I was nervous, I also felt excited. He had me sit in a chair and put my arm on this arm rest type thing. The first thing he did was shave the few hairs on my arm- which was actually a bit embarrassing because strangely It looked like my arm was really hairy! All the time he reassured me and we spoke about whether or not my boyfriend would ever get a tattoo and the piercings I had. So that said and done, he drew a star on my wrist, and when I was happy with It, he started to set up his equipment. I told him I wouldn't look and turned my head away, fearing a huge needle and a lot of pain.

Then he started to tattoo me. I was surprised to find that It didn't hurt half as much as I'd thought. In fact It was very similar to a cat scratch or sunburn. So I decided I would take a look, and was even more suprised to find that the big scary needle actually resemble a pen! The tattoo guy told me he wanted to do my star in two tone, to make It a bit different. Reluctantly I agreed, but when I saw It I fell in love! It looked perfect in my eyes!

We thanked the tattoo guy, paid and left. I smiled through the stinging because I felt so amazing happy and full of adrenaline!

So thats the story of my very first tattoo, hope you enjoyed reading it and happy tattooing! And piercing =]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Some+friendly+guy
Studio: Banana%27s
Location: BASILDON%2C+essex

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