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If you have a gut feeling something's wrong..listen to it.

Hi I am a young student, and I mean young freshman. I just had my fist 4 tattoos in the last several weeks. That's right, I am legally underage I think? I have no idea but all I needed one day was some guy to fake my dad's signature.

It all happened around the beginning of 2008. I always wanted a tattoo. As a kid, I love those fake tattoos. Where you put water on it, and it stuck on for a week. Throughout my life, I thought of getting a tattoo one day, never worrying what would happen.

Thanks to my recent mentor, who was a little older than me, a junior. Who had just got his tribal tattoos on his arms, very nice might. That's when it hit me. It's my turn! I did my research of course before actually asking around where to get a decent tattoo. I searched the net, asked around for a week about the aftercare of a tattoo.

It wasn't that hard to follow, I was wrong! After several weeks. I started searching up my tattoo design. I always wanted something custom, unique, that fitted my personal style, in this dane age.

I have a lot of influences for designs, my mentor, some people I knew, I just wanted everything! But I took it down a notch. I decided where to get my tattoos, I wanted both my arms tatted down, not sleeves, you know what I mean? Plus my wrist. I thought of every design imaginable.

I tried drawing my own design, even though I can't even draw a stick figure. I printed out some pictures, looked around. I was never really a religious person, but I pray everyday, never went to church, or picked up a bible. My parent's never believed in god, there buddhists. I am not even sure if I'm christian, but I decided to get some religious tattoos. I decided to go with a cross, a basic cross with double lining to make it look 3d on my left arm, big but not that big, with tip shading, and the word Faith in calligraphy, in black ink of course. Black goes with everything.

I wanted a tattoo that was simple, but not plain, but with accurate detail. I had the designs in mind, and the pictures I printed out in the internet, easy enough. I used a cross similar to David Beckhams cross, but mine would have tip shading and the double lines wouldn't be only partial. I happened to come across the exact word I was looking for Faith, and it was in perfect calligraphy! It would be on my inner wrist. For a mental image, look at the brand famous straps and stars. The calligraphy lines are similar to that.

After I was mentally ready. I asked around my school for hook ups or if anyone knew someone. It's all about who you know these days. After several people deceived me, bastards. I found a guy in my school who just got a tattoo. Which looked pretty nice. He was underage but he recommend me to a guy who did his tattoo in a indoor swap meet. ( Thats right ), at least it was licensed? I was desperate at the time, it was a hectic time for me. I would go to any length for a tattoo, they meant a lot for me. I could have gotten a homemade tattoo, but I wasn't that dumb, and I had enough common sense and class to not go to that length.

After several weeks, final thoughts and decisions. I got a ride to the swap meet. The tattoo shop was small, but very crowded. I was dumbfounded. Business was booming for the store, either that or these guys are desperate! The guy I knew made an appointment for me the week before and I was 30 minutes early. I was tense, nervous, and so what. But I didn't go all this way for nothing, I saved up for my tattoos. After 30 minutes it was time. Everything was set. My artist glued the sketch on me, it looked good.

Then the fun part came) My adrenaline was pumping through my veins. I was sweaty, and my arms were tensed up, and a little shaky, ( Bad idea! ) That was my first mistake, sigh. The tattoo hurt like hell. It was what I expected, and I have a very low pain tolerance. I'm still scared of the doctor!

After 30 minutes, I got my cross on my left arm, around 5 inches long, the word faith less than 1 inch in calligraphy on my left inner wrist. I didn't look at the tattoo much after. My second mistake was using a&d cream, I was suppose to use a&d ointment!

Little mistakes make a big difference. After 3 weeks, my tattoos still weren't done healing, thanks to me :( My third mistake was washing the tattoo several times a day before applying the cream. I was suppose to to only wash the tattoo once with soap the first time.

So after 3 weeks some of the ink of my cross was peeling of. The cross was a little crooked, and the word faith didn't look right. I thought of a touch up but my tattoos weren't done healing yet. So next thing you know I went back to the shop and I got a music note with wings on my right shoulder! This time I used neosporin, which was decent, the cream was no good.

After 2 more weeks my tattoo artist moved to another shop. This time the shop was bigger, cleaner, and with more professional tools. Thank god! This time I got my final tattoo piece until Im 18, I think? I got sort of a 3d looking hand holding up a graffiti D representing my future in Dance, and my name. Sorry this is anonymous, and I got 2 little shaded stars on each side of the D. My artist told me the reason why my first tattoos were fucked up, because I was shaky and moving a lot. However I was moving a lot, but I wasn't shaky that much, so I was pissed, but I kept my cool.

This time my tattoos weren't that painful. The first time is always the hardest. My endorphins kicked in. I wasn't shaky this time, and I was chill. After exactly an hour, after touch up's and everything. Which he charged for the touch up? ( I know what the fuck right ) I spended about $340 on everything, and this time he gave me a&d ointment. The one I was suppose to use in the first place, too small enough packets.

The a&d ointment worked miracles, it's still healing now since I just finished my tattoos last monday. It's friday now. My cross is shaded in now, the lines are straightened, it looks really good, the word faith is touched up, the outer lines still could have had more ink to it, part of f has a little more ink than the other part. My music note is decent, part of wing, the outline is partially out of place, and part of the shading is going on it's own direction. The hand with the D with 2 stars looks good, however on one of the stars is messed up and the D has a line out of place. Barely noticable unless your very up close, but it still makes a big difference. My moral and point of my personal experience is. I't doesn't hurt to wait, take your time on something since it's going to make a big difference in your life, and your tattoo better have a special meaning to it, don't get random shit, please. Each of my tattoos represent a crucial part of my life right now. Even though I'm still young I know what I'm doing. I try not to regret little mistakes.

Im proud of my tattoos now. The healing process is a bitch but worth it. People attitude changed around me since I got my tattoos, but I still don't care much as I use too. So word of advice. If you wake up one day feeling like shit like something bad is going to happen to you or someone else, trust your feelings, either that you have issues? P.s always listen to your tattoos artist aftercare instructions. Each artist has there own method of aftercare products, don't listen to your friends, please!

Thanks for listening

       Yours truly, D.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Ramos
Studio: Anaheim%2FWestminster+California
Location: United+States

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