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My Mi Ruina Sacred Heart

I have thought about getting another tattoo since my first one back in May 2007 which was an ok experience but hurt as it was on the top of my spine and I was nervous if the pain would be the same. I couldn't think of what one to get. I wanted something that meant something to me but also shown people what I was about. I tried to design my own but nothing really worked even though I prefer my own designs. I found a Sacred Heart image from the My Ruin live album "To Britain With Love...and Bruises" and I adored the colours in it and it seemed to suite what I was looking for.

I am against religion but yet I like to read about it and gain my own opinions without just saying "Religion is rubbish" etc and I thought this image would be great especially if I was you use the My Ruin name but in Spanish Mi Ruina. I thought that buy having Mi Ruina under the tattoo in a banner it would show that religion is my ruin and its something that is involved in my life. Although I chose not to have the usual crucifix on the top as I do not want that on my skin.

I hesitated for a while about getting this tattoo but I decided to get it after seeing My Ruin in January 2008 in Glasgow after meeting Tairrie B (Who is my idol!) and thought this band are amazing and I would love to show my love for this band by getting them tattooed to me. I always thought that I wouldn't suite tattoos on my arm as I thought I might look too butch but to think of all the woman who are beautiful who chose to adorn themselves with tattoos I thought I might as well go ahead with it!

I went into Metalurgey in Dundee and spoke to Dik about getting it and quote about £80 - £100 and I thought fair enough as I wanted it big on my forearm. I was thinking for days that I wouldn't suite it and I would miss my arm being bare but I thought if I don't do this then when I am old I would be kicking myself thinking I never lived and never did what I wanted to do in my life!

Finally the big day arrived to getting inked up which I had to leave college early which was shit because I had a lot to do but I was so hyped up I didn't care. I went into Metalurgey and spoke to Cammy about what I wanted and Cammy made a few changes to the design with the font and banner style and I loved it which made it unique, I just wanted it so much so I sat in the chair and before I knew it we were off.

As he started it didn't hurt that much and I was like thank goodness as I thought it would have hurt a lot. I think the fact I could see the needle and it happening it made me feel at ease.

I started to bleed allot and Cammy asked if I had been drinking the night before and I had been :S but it should have been out of my system. He got Dik (the other tattooist) to look at the needle and it was what I think they called a buzzed needle so it was ripping at my skin more that it should have!

It wasn't affecting the lines though. The relaxed atmosphere in the place was great just talking about random things and Poppy (pretty lady who works there) was just hyper and making me feel happy and relaxed. After about 1 and a half hours he e managed to get the outlines done and moved on to doing some of the colour of the heart and the colours were amazing the purple and pink he used were amazing but had to finish there as he had two bookings after me in the space of an hour so I didn't complain.

I have my fill in booked soon, in two days actually and I can't wait to get it finished and see the whole thing coloured in. Although I have to buy another tube of betpanthen as I am running low! And a whole two weeks of cleaning again but it will be worth it. I also have to not tell my mother about this as she doesn't really agree to my bod mods no matter how many times I tell her I'm twenty and I live 200 miles away!

I would defiantly recommend people to go to Metalurgey and getting a tattoo from there because they are professional, clean and really put you at ease if it is your 1st or 21st tattoo.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Cammy
Studio: Metalurgey
Location: Dundee

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