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My beautiful memorial tattoo

I had to get my first cat I ever had put to sleep on November 18th 2005. Her name was Tigger and I loved her. Ever since then, I knew I wanted a tattoo to remember her. To show that she would always be with me, wherever I am. I never had the money to do it, and I hadn't had a tattoo in almost a year and a half, so I was really itching for some ink. This morning when I woke up, I was already having a shitty day because I was sick. I had caught a cold from my friend's baby and I felt like shit. A few hours later, at my computer lazily surfing the net, I thought about my tattoo I wanted. I don't even know what made me think of it. I opened paint on the computer and started to make a design. After an hour I had the perfect one. I went into my roommates room to ask if she would come with me. "Now?!" she asked, surprised. "Yup," I said. I borrowed money she asked me to hold onto for her half of the rent to get my tattoo.

After what felt like forever waiting for her to get ready, we left. I had called a bunch of tattoo places, and got a lot of answering machines. The one I usually go to was booked for the day and had no time for walk ins. I'm an impatient person and did not want to wait another day. Once I have the idea in my head of getting a new body mod, I have to do it right away. So as a last resort I decided to go to a place that I heard not so good things about. I know that's a bad idea, but like I said, I'm impatient. So I get there, and my roommate kept telling me the whole way there what an idiot I was for going there. When we got there I told him what I wanted, he told me the price and he re drew the design I gave him. I was getting a cat with angel wings sitting on a cloud with her tail hanging down. The name Tigger was to go under it. It went a lot better than I expected. I was gonna get it in just black and white, never considered getting it in color. He told me all the colors he could use, and he would do the extra color for free. I was happy. He charged me only 80 dollars for my approximately 3 inch by 3 inch tattoo. When we got in the room, he shaved my forearm. No other tattoo place has ever done that before. I had always heard you were supposed to. He swiped my arm with deodorant and applied the paper with the design on it, and peeled it off to reveal my outline. He told me I had perfect skin tone for tattoos. I had always hated my light skin, now I love it.

He showed me all the needle packages with the color on it, saying when you sterilize it in the autoclave, the color goes brown. He also told us you only need to sterilize for 20 minutes, and he does it for an hour and a half. Needless to say, I was very happy I had gone to Amazing Ink, despite all the bad things I heard about them. They were most likely just stupid rumors and gossip.

The first thing he did was dot the i in Tigger. Then he did the rest of the name. The name did hurt pretty bad. I was always used to it not hurting for the first 5-10 minutes then the pain came. My other tattoos were less than 10 minutes, so they didn't hurt. This one, I was told, would take about 45 minutes. So I was nervous. After the name, he started on the cat. I must say, it really didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. I sat and talked to him about how I had wanted to be a piercer, my sister's home made tattoos, underage people who come in for tattoos etc. He kept asking me if I was alright, throughout the tattoo. He was a really nice guy who made the time fly by. I was smiling almost the whole time, I loved it. He decided to do more as we went along, adding in an orange glow behind the cat to look like a sunset. It ended up looking amazing. My back was starting to hurt about half way through, from hunching over. After it was done, I had to stretch, and my back was really hurting.

He put a piece of plastic over it, then paper towel, and then tape. The only thing I didn't like was that he only used one strip of tape, so when I tried to pull my sweater sleeve down after we left, it would slip. So I had to keep my sleeve rolled up. It was so cold out, by the time we got home, my arm was red. As soon as I got home I seen that my mom had called while we were out. I called her and told her I got a tattoo. She didn't seem to mind, but my step dad was pissed. Every time I get a new tattoo, he tells me i'm gonna get a disease. When he asked where I got my tattoo, and I told him my arm, he said the same thing as when I got my other tattoo on my forearm, and when my sister got hers in the same place, "Better not get arrested" because you can be identified by visible tattoos. Really, i'm not intending to get arrested!

But all in all i'm VERY happy with my tattoo. It came out perfectly, and I told Joey that I would defenitely come back for another tattoos from him.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Joey
Studio: Amazing+Ink
Location: Moncton+New+Brunswick

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