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First Tattoo, OMG

So lets just start off by saying that I've wanted a tattoo for about five years now. When I turned 18 I always said that was going to be the first thing that I was going to do, the problem is I couldn't ever figure out what I wanted and where. I have always been interested in old school hot rods and tattoos. I was just doodling at work one day when I came up with a kind of cartoon looking skull and crossbones with a spider web behind it. The more I looked at it the better I liked it. I waited about a week then me and my girlfriend drove to Warlocks Tattoo to get a price and make and appointment. I've looked at all of the other local shops and this one was the best by far. I made the appointment for one week from that day.

After about a three or four days I started to get really nervous about the whole ordeal, being my first tattoo and all I didn't know what to expect.  Thanks to BME.com and other sites I had a general idea of what it was going to be like.  When that day finally came I was more nervous than I had ever been in my life.  My girlfriend and I went to eat breakfast at a local restaurant to get something on my stomach.  I have read that eating before a tattoo is a good idea.  During that meal it was hard to eat because I kept thinking of how much it really was going to hurt.  After that we just drove around for a couple of hours to kill some time, since my appointment was at one.

We arrived at the shop around 12:30 and just waited in the car and made small talk until it was time.

One o'clock came pretty damn fast I have to say.  We tentatively walked into the shop.  I found Kamil and asked him it he was ready to do it.  He said that he was going to have to redraw my original drawing a little bit so I waited in the waiting room.  I was just sitting there listing to all of the buzzing of seven artists simultaneously tattooing people; it was a sobering sound.

When he was all done with the drawing I looked at it and agreed with him that it looked a lot better.  Then I told him where I wanted it.  I said I wanted it in the Shoulder cap area of my right arm.  This tattoo was going to go over my entire collar bone and shoulder blade and some of my neck with spider webs.  When I told him this he cracked  a slight smile and walked out of the room.  I think he went and told all of the other artists that this was my first tattoo and where I was getting it.  He personally didn't know if that was a bad spot or not because he didn't have one there.  After about five minutes of sitting in the chair waiting to know what was going on he came back into the room shaking his head.  I asked him what was going on and he said, "you know this is going to hurt like....FUCK!".  I told him that I had an idea but it was really bad when I was told that it was going to hurt like fuck from a tattoo artist.  We discussed it and about a minute later the owner of the shop, who was tattooing in the next room, came over and said.  "You know if kamil can't finish this I'm coming over and doing it".  I imagine he was talking about holding me down or something.  I made up my mind that I wanted it there and there was no convincing me otherwise.  He said okay then I watched him take the needles out of the packages and set the inks up and stuff.  Needless to say by this point I was incredibly nervous about the whole situation.  He was trying to crack jokes and stuff to keep my mind off of it but it wasn't helping.  It didn't really hit me until I heard the first buzz of the gun.  After I heard that there was no turning back.

He told me that he was going to start on the web first.  "Okay that's fine", I said anticipating the worst.  As soon as that needle him my arm and after that first line was done and amazing wave of relief came over me.  That didn't hurt at ALL.  About an hour in he told me that this part could get kind of bad.  He said he was getting ready to go over my collar bone and I was fine with that.  When he did I wouldn't say that it hurt it was just a different feeling.  It felt like my whole chest cavity was vibrating, but not bad what so ever.  The tattoo took about two and a half hours to complete.  Towards the end it started to get irritating but no pain at all.  He told me to stand up and said those magic words, "I'm done".  I looked in the mirror and was extremely thrilled with what I saw.  Kamil is a very very talented artist.

I left him a tip and listened to all his aftercare advice.  Then I paid and I was on my way home.  But really, listen if anybody is scared of getting a tattoo I would have to say that if you do your research and are confident you know what and where you going to get it.  Just say fuck everybody and get what you want no matter how much you think its going to hurt.  I have to say thanks once again to BME for all the info reguarding my tattoo, they have been awesome.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Kamil
Studio: Warlocks+Tattoo+and+Body+Peircing
Location: Raleigh%2C+NC

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