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Don't Let Anything Bring You Down

Like everyone else on this site, I've wanted a tattoo for a long time. I never really knew what to get, I just liked the idea of having something amazing on me forever. One day my mom was watching one of those tattoo shows on TV and I saw this chick getting a koi fish on her stomach.

I really liked the fish; it just looked so cool for some reason. This was a while before my 18th birthday so I just kept looking on the internet for ideas of a tattoo. I drew up some roses and crosses and stuff but I didn't really like any of them. I remembered the koi tattoo I saw and so I went to work on the internet.

I found out that the koi symbolizes integrity and perseverance. This was the tattoo I wanted. For the next few months I looked up pictures of them all the time, taking ideas from each and sketching them out. I finally drew a rough drawing of what I wanted. Time to wait till my birthday.

About a month later I started looking for artists. My brother got his first tattoo from the same artist that I was looking at. I saw that she did good work on his and so I decided to have her do mine too. I set up the appointment for the day after my 18th birthday, about two weeks away.

The night before I remember being super excited. I had a stupid dream that I passed out and she did this huge stupid fish on my stomach. The day finally arrived and my mom and I went over to the studio. I wasn't too nervous then... just excited. We walked in and I showed her my drawing. She liked the idea and drew up the transfer. I loved it and we placed it on my upper arm. I told her I wanted a lot of color. She asked what colors I wanted and I told her that I wanted it to be mostly orange but not too traditional. She told me that she could put in some magenta and yellow. I agreed that that would be cool. I sat in the chair and now I was a little scared. I started to sweat and breathe quickly. She told me to calm down because she was going to do the first little line to show me what it felt like. She started with the tendril (whisker). She told me that it better not hurt too bad or I'm going to have the shape of a sperm on my arm forever.

It hurt more than I thought it would but it was de finitely bearable. She did the outline and it sucked. My arm was tense the whole time. She said it wouldn't hurt as bad if I relaxed but I told her that I can't help but tense up when someone is punishing my arm with needles. I could feel every needle. It felt like a hot razor blade slicing my skin. She had on some fruity music so I tried to listen to my iPod but I didn't like it. I felt like I had to hear the machine buzzing.

She started to shade and that was way better. After she was done shading I saw that I was bleeding pretty badly. She wiped it off and started to pour colors. I saw her pour a cap of purple. I asked her what that was for and she said the spine and fins. I liked the idea. The color hurt the worst for sure. I think it was because the whole thing had already been worked on for about an hour and a half and it was pretty raw and puffy. But I pulled through it and we were done. That's what this tattoo represents for me... getting through the hard times and not letting anything bring you down. The whole process lasted about two and a half hours. I looked in the mirror for a long time, admiring the amazing work that is now on my body forever.

We talked about aftercare and I told her thanks and paid her for the amazing work. That night I pulled off the bandage and gave it a good wash. It hurt pretty bad still but I went out to show all of my friends.

It scabbed for about a week and a half. The next day my arm hurt really badly. She was right about tensing up. It felt like someone hit me as hard as they could in the arm. A dull sore feeling.

Now I have an amazing piece of art with a personal meaning on me forever. In fact, I like this tattoo so much I plan on getting another one as soon as I can get the money.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Mori
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Location: Ashland%2C+OR

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