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My new bat

As a fan of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, I decided I should get a related tattoo; not as a tribute, but more using an idea as the basis for a tattoo.

I also have a small tat of 3 stars on my back already, so I thought that getting a bat would fit nicely into the theme.

After much thought and even more research, I decided to not get a traditional bat, eg. black and kind of gothy, but a cartoon bat, as my stars are quite cartoonish because they have thick black outlines; this would further lead to a sense of 'theme'. I also decided to make it have a little lilac bow on its head, the same colour as my stars! Again, this bat is only based on the idea of the FAL bats, not abstract cool ones like on the film- I could also find no similar ones to mine during my internet searches for inspiration, so I figured I was being kind of original!

Being a kind of crap artist, I sketched out a bunch of little cute bats, but none of them really were what I wanted. On my day off I trotted down to an amazing parlour near my university to just get design advice, a quote etc.

I made an appointment for the following week straight away (which I just had today), and I thought I would just write about how pleased I was with the experience.

My first tattoo was at age 18, and it was 2 simple stars. £10, quick job and I was pretty pleased with them. The year after, I decided to get a 3rd star and them all filled in purple, for an additional £40. The second tattooist remarked on the poor job of my first two, but to be honest, didn't do an amazing 3rd star! I felt happy with my tattoo, but I felt as though I had been dismissed as a 'small job', and therefor not worth the effort to do it well.

At Hype, I was treated with respect and professionalism from the off. Steve spent a long time perfecting the drawing I had provided him, and whilst he went out for a pre-session cigarette, the woman who works there as well had a look at it, and we discussed other options, such as colour and the width of the wings.

I was also reassured at the business of the shop! I had been there before for ear piercings, and my friend for her nose piercing, and this shop is never empty! People kept streaming in and out constantly, and there were always consultations going on at the counter. It was nice to see a group of 'regulars' who knew the staff by name, as well as people coming in for one-off jobs like earrings.

Downstairs was brightly lit, clean and colourful. There were 2 other tattoo jobs going on (full sleeves) as well as me and during breaks for the sleeves, they would wander over to see how my bat was progressing, as well as asking advice from Steve, who was an artist as well as a tattooist. This is a far cry from my first 2 jobs, the first being in a slightly dingily-lit small room of the shop, and the second in more attractive surroundings, but my friend wasn't allowed to accompany me!

The job took longer than expected, because Steve was interrupted sometimes by others, but I didn't mind because I got to recover in between! We had a chat before hand, and he was very patient and helpful in the placing of the design. It had more the vibe of a hair appointment (as we chatted all the way through) than a tattoo one.

The tattoo itself was fairly painless and easy. This was helped by the presence of a friend, who Steve gave tattoo advice to as well, as she is interested in getting one in the near future. Before starting, we finalised the design and I watched him mix the colours in front of me so he knew he was getting them exactly right. To show me what they would look like, he painted a little ink of each colour on the back of my hand; this was useful, as the grey was initially too dark, and I would not have realised otherwise!

As a finished piece, I have to say- the design is great, the colours look brilliant (grey, white and pink/lilac), and the lines are very delicate and clean. I was given great aftercare advice, and Steve wrote down the name of an ointment that he uses for me. He said to come back in 4 weeks so he could have a look at it, as well.

Whilst the design really isn't that big or impressive, I was treated as a customer, and as a person with a sense of humour and opinions, instead of like a burden like I have been before. I'm sat here very pleased and content with my little bat, and I thoroughly recommend Hype (Newcastle) as a place for you to get a tattoo, or a piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 March 2008
in Tattoos

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Artist: Steve
Studio: Hype
Location: Newcastle+upon+Tyne

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